Tech7 outline key recommendations for the G7

Tech7 call on G7 governments to work towards four objectives to improve economic recovery and resilience in the post-pandemic era.

techUK is leading a joint effort by the Technology Sector Trade Associations of the G7 countries and the EU, known as Tech7*, calling for international cooperation to reap the benefits of technological innovation in the post-COVID era.

For technological innovation to continue to deliver not only for the G7 economies, but for as many countries and regions of the world as possible, the Tech7 associations call on their countries to work together towards facilitating global trade flows and setting a common rulebook for the digital economy that prioritizes transparent, compatible, and non-discriminatory approaches to digital policy at the global level.

Tech7 strongly encourage the G7 governments to promote four key objectives as part of the strategy to establish economic recovery and resilience post-pandemic:

  • Putting digital at the heart of trade relations;
  • Building cooperation on ethical and responsible adoption of emerging technologies;
  • Using Digital Solutions in the Fight Against Climate Change;
  • Cooperating on improving digital literacy and participation.

By hosting the G7 Leaders’ Summit in June, the UK can shape these crucial policy directions and support a global economic recovery.

Julian David, CEO of techUK, said:

“The technology sector has stepped up to provide swift solutions to the challenges that our societies and economies have faced due to the pandemic. As we look towards the future, it is crucial that G7 countries work together towards facilitating trade flows and setting common rules for the digital economy. As a group of like-minded countries, we must lead the way in deploying digital technology to tackle the challenges and create opportunities not only to recover but to thrive after this crisis.

“We are delighted to have joined forces with our sister organizations to reiterate just how important international cooperation is if we are to reap the full benefits of technological innovation for our economic recovery and resilience in the face of future challenges. We look forward to working with the UK Presidency as well as all the G7 governments to help shape an ambitious agenda in this space.”

Please find the statement here.

 Tech7 Statement*techUK (United Kingdom), Bitkom (Germany), Anitec Assinform (Italy), Syntec Numerique (France), DIGITALEUROPE (EU), JEITA (Japan), ITIC (USA) and TECHNATION (Canada)