Black Excellence Program

In celebration of Black Excellence, TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program and York University are partnering to fund summer student hires for eligible companies.

TECHNATION and York University’s Black Excellence students are partnering to create more intentional pathways for black students into technology roles for Summer 2023. The digital workforce is strengthened when we support and empower financial supports for employers and student work placements available to black students. This initiative will create pathways helping black students develop career plans, access education, networking events, webinars, and job placement supports.

Join us to lead the way to an equitable digital workforce. Hire a Black Excellence student into a meaningful tech role.

Employers, team with York University and TECHNATION to address systematic barriers and:

  • Build and support black student communities within Canada’s tech sector
  • Increase black student leadership capacity
  • Develop connections and foster the social impact with black students within your organization
  • Contribute to a rewarding and full university experience including participation and engagement in student work placement activities outside the classroom


“…acknowledge that to dismantle the deeply ingrained structures of power and privilege that allow anti-Black racism to thrive, we require a strong, accountable and action-oriented way forward.”

– Dr. Sheila Cote Meek, Vice-President Equity, People and Culture, York University

Ready to be a trailblazer?

The Black Excellence Program offers participating employers a talent pool of Black Excellence students enrolled at York University and the following benefits:

  • Career-coached students prepared to thrive in workplace settings
  • Wage subsidy of up to $7,000
  • Recruitment support from York University’s team
  • Students will have completed TECHNATION’s LaunchPad learning modules to ensure they have the most in-demand tech industry skills
  • An opportunity to advance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and Diversity & Inclusion goals


Program placement period

The student placement period is May-Aug 2023 (with flexibility). The placement process begins as soon as you register. In the coming months, we will work together to understand your talent needs and help you recruit your talent match.


How to participate

If you are a Career Ready employer, contact Madison Edwards or Jacob Lolarga.

If you are a York University employer, contact Tammy Kim-Newman.