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We report insights on key studies impacting healthcare tech in Canada.

These reports are in effort to accelerate the adoption of tech into our healthcare infrastructure.

Engagement across multiple critical thought leader platforms is the value accelerator for our members and Canada. Thought leadership efforts are undertaken to improve innovation and competitiveness by being a leader on emerging issues and facilitated solutions associated with Canada’s digital transformation.

Canadian National Health Interoperability Standards White Paper

Health Privacy and Security Framework

TECHNATION Health Thought Leadership Published Papers and Articles

  • The Potential Benefits of Utilizing Technology in LTC – June 2021
  • Your Patient is Someone’s Student: The Convergence of Healthcare and Education – June 2021
  • Patient Attachment is Vital for Sustained Virtual Care – April 2021
  • Silver-linings of Technology-enabled Healthcare – April 2021
  • An Empathetic Approach to Supporting School-Aged Children and their Families as Kids Return to School – May 2020
  • Forecasting FHIR – May 2020
  • Virtual Care Pandemic – May 2020
  • Plan to be Nimble – May 2020
  • Canadians will be Tested on Our Way to a Healthy Nation – May 2020
  • Healthcare 2020: Community care, patient digital rights, AI and helping physicians avoid burnout – April 2020
  • Privacy in Cyberspace: The NIST Privacy Framework – April 2020
  • Benchmarking Clinician Satisfaction with Electronic Health Records – April 2020
  • Hello, I’m a Medical Informaticist – April 2020
  • Deep Space Medicine in Space and on Earth, Challenges and Opportunities … – April 2020
  • Accelerating Adoption of Digital Health Technologies in Canada – November 2018

Member/Industry Reports & Studies

TECHNATION Health Archives

Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada

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CanadianEMR PodCast – October 26, 2009

Alberta eHealth Update, Edmonton, AB – October 20, 2009