Cybersecurity Specialist Work Roles in National Security & Law Enforcement

Exclusive of this are a very small percentage of cybersecurity specialist work roles that are defined and performed in government national security, policing or military contexts.[1] These roles are critical to the safety and security of Canadians, but tend to fall outside the general labour market and while they may receive baseline training through private and public sector training and education providers, they require significantly more training to support specific competencies, specialized tools and processes, and unique mandates. These roles and associated knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) are well-defined within the NICE Framework under the specialty areas of Investigate, Analyze, and Collect & Operate. A summary of these are provided here and more detail is available on the NICE website.

Notably, individuals who fulfill these roles typically drawn from the larger labour pool based upon related experience and evidence of suitable competencies, then they participate in domain specific training and education through the employer. For example, those employed in technical roles, such as Exploitation Analyst or Cyber Operator, are often drawn from the Protect & Defend activity area/work categories or provided training and education to support their added responsibilities with their organization (e.g. military, intelligence, policing, etc.)

[1] Displayed within the light green shaded area as Investigate, Analyze, and Collect & Operate roles.