Zgaabii (connected) Networking events for Indigenous students and tech professionals. Feast provided


Zgaabii: To be connected by a thin string, or to be a thin connection. Zgaabii is a series of events for Indigenous post-secondary students within the borders of Canada on Turtle Island. TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program will provide catering for the events and invite students to meet established industry role models from within the tech sector. TECHNATION members and community partners will be invited to share their stories and to listen. Zgaabii will take a conversational format to encourage listening and promote networking. 

What are the goals of Zgaabii?

Indigenous students are underrepresented in computer sciences and other traditional post-secondary streams into tech. This is why organizations must accept other ways of recruiting and knowing to avoid missing out on the Indigenous tech talent they seek. The goal of Zgaabii is to be connected; to share information and inspire. Zgaabii will draw from Career Ready Program data and community-led testimonials to show how Indigenous students can apply their academic knowledge from any discipline or faculty to different career streams within the technology sector. Industry reps will share their expertise in their respective fields to inspire attendees and will be invited to be inspired in an upscaled, relaxed environment. 


More events to be announced on an ongoing basis.


Zgaabii invites TECHNATION members and other notable industry professionals from the tech sector to create a connection with Indigenous post-secondary students.

How will Zgaabii grow?  

Zgaabii is the first step in a marathon for TECHNATION to align with other leaders in the tech sector who have built relationships with Indigenous Peoples. A measure of success for Zgaabii will be to have created new space, or fostered existing spaces, that support Indigenous post-secondary students, and opportunities for learning and understanding to be built (Wilson-Raybould 253-254). 


Email Paige Peters or Tim Sidock to learn more about the Zgaabii program and events.


Miigwetch to Nickia McIvor for designing the graphics for Zgaabii. Nickia (they/them) is a Cree graphic designer and illustrator from Churchill, MB.