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Policy Updates

Ontario Ministry of Health, Bill 188

Ministry of Health, Ontario: Bill 188 Schedule 6 PHIPA received Royal Assent on Wednesday March 25, 2020
TECHNATION recently raised questions with the Ontario Ministry of Health regarding Bill 188 Schedule 6 PHIPA, which received Royal Assent on Wednesday March 25, 2020 – specifically:

  • Were these PHIPA changes deemed critical to the current COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are you contemplating to make further updates to the ACT while the pandemic responses are in progress?

Section 6 related to PHIPA Modernization included 15 amendments and new sections.

The Ministry answered accordingly:

The short answer is yes, after close consideration the PHIPA changes were deemed necessary to support the COVID response. The legislation necessitates regulations being in place in order for them to take effect, Ministry is interested in pursuing that where appropriate and needed. As for any other changes in principle COVID is the focus and anything that is done needs to clearly demonstrate relevance to that.

Read the full details on the specific amendments and additions to the PHIPA legislation, Bill 188 and the PHIPA updates. If you have further questions on this privacy related content, please contact Susan Anderson at

Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) Modernization

PHIPA Modernization – TECHNATION Health Members Feedback Summary – Feb 21, 2020

TECHNATION Health members shared their combined perspective regarding the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) Modernization content with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) in Ontario. This response included the collective input from privacy subject matter experts and leaders within our member organizations across Canada.

TECHNATION Health Official Journal

Healthcare Information & Communications Canada, HIM&CC

Healthcare Information & Communications Canada, HIM&CC, is the official journal of ITAC Health  – current and past articles can be found on their website.

The journal publishes articles written by TECHNATION Health members and stakeholders from across Canada that discuss and address current trends and issues in Canada’s Health IT sector. TECHNATION Health members are provided significant advertising discounts because of the ITAC health relationship with HIM&CC. The journal also serves as the official journal of Digital Health Canada. For more information please contact Elaine Huesing at

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TECHNATION Health has joined the ACCESS 2022 movement

TECHNATION Health, the health division of TECHNATION is proud to announce that we’ve joined the ACCESS 2022 movement.

ACCESS 2022 is a social movement to create a new day for health care in Canada, one where Canadians have access to their health information and digitally-enabled tools and services to better manage their care. TECHNATION Health is pleased to join other organizations, industry, health care providers and Canadians to transform care. As new technologies have emerged that have transformed the way we live and work, our health system hasn’t always kept up. We believe that, together, we can create a 21st century, patient-centric health system.

Learn more about ACCESS 2022 and join the movement