Strategic Partnerships

We establish strategic partnerships that connect businesses from coast to coast to coast.

Our partnerships help the Canadian tech industry prosper and grow. This includes working with a collective of provincial tech associations brought together to share best practices and to support industry, communities and government, as well as other industry leaders across the country. Through our strategic partners, entrepreneurs, small, medium-sized businesses and scale-ups find new opportunities to expand nationally, then globally.

Digital Governance Council

We have formed a partnership with the Digital Governance Council to advance responsible technology and scale-up national business growth. This partnership aims to advance knowledge, expertise and collaboration among public and private sector CIOs and technology leaders across all sectors of the economy.

By working together, the Council and TECHNATION will drive the creation of intellectual capital to advance digital innovation through the identification and delivery of collaborative standards projects, use cases, pilots, and proofs of concepts.

National Coalition

As the leading national, member-driven non-profit tech association, we are actively and consistently engaging with businesses and stakeholders across the country. Due to the impact COVID-19 is having across the country, we recently brought together the leaders from provincial technology associations across the country in a roundtable discussion, to share data, resources and best practices to support these floundering small businesses and scale-ups.

Now, as a united national collective, our goal is to actively support industry, communities and government to positively impact these businesses, and ultimately, the Canadian economy. We represent a unique opportunity for governments to:

  • Access regional data and best practices.
  • Monitor and survey the needs and solutions of regional tech companies.
  • Communicate government priorities to our respective communities.
  • Co-develop technology driven solutions and responsiveness.
  • Drive digital transformation and cyber resilience.
  • Support SMEs (supply chain access, B2B, engage large business supports).
  • Showcase leading SMEs (innovation case studies) from across the county.

Here is a list of provincial associations and regional and national stakeholders:

TECHNATION and WCT – Women in Leadership

Through a partnership with Women in Communications Technology (WCT), we have created the Women in Leadership Series, a successful program featuring senior leaders from the Canadian technology industry participating in frank discussions of the issues and challenges that women face in digital industries and successful strategies to address them.