TECHNATION Health works with its members, governments and other stakeholders to realize the opportunities inherent in the digital health marketplace.

As the voice of the digital health industry in Canada, TECHNATION Health provides thought leadership on how we can improve the health of Canadians while building a robust and dynamic digital health industry that can compete on a global scale.

A major enabler for change is support to the thousands of Canadian companies developing innovative health solutions that disrupt the status quo, while improving the health and well-being of Canadians.

TECHNATION Health members believe that it is imperative to advocate for the development of a well-governed and planned Canadian Digital Health Agenda that will improve patient outcomes and further enhance the efficiencies of Canada’s healthcare services.

TECHNATION Health advocates for appropriate levels of tech-based spending in healthcare; and consistently voices the need for a more strategic approach for the acceleration and adoption of emerging digital health technologies.

Our four standing committees and associated task forces also work on activities related specifically focused on:

  • Advocacy: Influencing policy and thinking within the broader health sector based on the priorities of the membership. This includes meeting with senior healthcare, government and political leaders and establishing key positions on key topics.
  • Relationships and Access: Provides our membership the opportunity to network, partner and build relationships with key political, government, health system and private vendor executives.
  • Industry Insights & Knowledge Transfer: Providing our members with information about major federal, provincial and institutional priorities and initiatives, gained through our relationships, seminars and round table initiatives. This includes client funding/business priorities that are critical to shaping our membership’s sales and marketing efforts and enables our members to stay current with the latest technologies, trends and standards.
  • International Opportunities: Helping members develop global relationships and international trade opportunities.


As the trusted and authoritative voice of the health tech industry, we intend to improve the health and wellness of Canadians and support an effective and sustainable healthcare system through the use of innovative digital technologies. We also aim to provide value to our members through the advocacy of a Canadian digital health economy.


TECHNATION will strive to influence policy and advocate for the adoption of innovative technologies that align with international trends to maximize economic development and export opportunities for our members, have a direct benefit to patients, providers and the health system, and create a ROI by improving patient outcomes and convenience for consumers.

Health Board of Directors

TECHNATION’s Health Board of Directors represent the interest of TECHNATION’s members focused on the Health tech market. The Health Board meetings four times a year to provide input and direction to TECHNATION Health staff, on behalf of the members; to discuss identified issues and ensure the goals of the Health Division’s membership driven strategic plan are being met.

See the complete list of Health Board members.

Strategic Plan

To achieve its vision and mission, TECHNATION has prioritized the following strategic priorities for the 2019-2021 year:

  • Effectively influence public policy to support TECHNATION goals.
  • Shape provincial and federal tech-related standards/regulation to support TECHNATION goals.
  • Grow our membership to maintain relevance, fund priority activities, and achieve long term financial sustainability.
  • Improve public and private sector procurement to enable innovation, while maintaining transparency and fairness.
  • Increase the adoption of new and innovative digital solutions that add value to Canadian health sector and deliver new economic opportunities for our membership.
  • Increase the size of the digital health market for our membership – focusing on both domestic and international markets, grow alliances and partnerships with organizations that help advance TECHNATION Health’s vision, mission and goals.

See our full Strategic Plan for 2022-2024