Industry, Prosperity & Growth

Through ongoing collaboration, the public and private sectors can increase Canada’s competitiveness and ensure the tech sector can thrive and grow.

Investment in new technology enables our government and tech sector to be more adaptable and competitive.

There’s an ongoing need to ensure that Canada’s tech industry and our government maintain a global mindset, tear down barriers and harness the digital transformation. TECHNATION focuses on facilitating partnerships that open doors for Canadian scale-ups and SMEs while exposing global tech leaders to new innovations and ideas.

We also create business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) events to help provide business value and strong and effective collaboration. We help members explore new markets and scale through curated Trade Missions around the world. And, because the digital age opens the doors of the world to millions of SMEs and scale-ups, TECHNATION focuses on helping our members of this size highlight their offerings to large enterprise members through a virtual marketplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

The growth of any industry depends on the inclusivity of its culture and the diverse perspectives, experiences and thinking of its people.

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Business Development Events

Creating intellectual capital to shape and influence debate to lead collective actions is necessary to advance digital innovation across the country. Our industry events provide integral opportunities to exchange knowledge and build meaningful relationships.

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Trade Missions

TECHNATION has a long-standing commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, particularly in their quest to conduct business globally as well as to scale and grow their businesses through our global trade missions.

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Strategic Partnerships

We cultivate partnerships to find ways to help the Canadian tech industry prosper and grow across Canada.

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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Scale-Ups

TECHNATION focuses on facilitating partnerships that opens doors for Canadian scale-ups and small-and-medium-sized enterprises, while exposing global tech leaders to new innovations and ideas

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Digital Marketplace Events

We are the leading conduit and catalyst for technology and innovation prosperity in Canada, bringing together the public and private sectors through our large-scale virtual Marketplace Live events.

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Work is underway to reform technology procurement. This first of its kind industry Digital Marketplace is a one-stop shop for public and private sector officials to view the incredible technological solutions on offer across the country.

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Committees and Working Groups

Our committees and working groups help connect members with strategic partner organizations, government officials and key policy makers. Participants also help direct the activities of the Association through key events and initiatives.

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