Federal government launches new platform to recruit digital talent

Federal government launches new platform to recruit digital talent

Original article by itworldcanada

The government of Canada has launched the Digital Talent Platform, an online recruitment site for digital and IT professionals.

The platform simplifies the application process for individuals who specialize in digital and IT who are looking to apply for jobs within the government. It will also provide federal institutions with lists of pre-qualified individuals that match their digital talent needs.

“We are pleased to see the Government of Canada recognizes the pivotal role that tech talent plays in the delivery of modernized digital services and are actively working to improve the way it recruits and deploys digital talent across the public service,” commented Michele Lajeunesse, senior vice president of government relations and policy at Technation Canada.

This announcement comes on the heels of a series of enquiries into the government’s IT systems, with members of parliament denouncing the lack of incentives for the country’s digital talent to join government IT, which contains siloed systems and offers lower pay compared to the private sector.

These issues were further brought to light following the resignation of Canada’s chief information officer, Catherine Luelo, who, during and after her tenure, addressed the dire need for attracting digital talent to the government, but also claimed that outside consultants are as critical.

A couple of months before her resignation, she spearheaded the Digital Talent Strategy to tackle the sluggish recruitment process at the government, as well as develop and retain talent.

Yesterday, the president of the Treasury Board, Anita Anand, echoed these objectives at the 2024 Digital Government Leaders Summit.

“Canada’s public service is one of the best in the world — and we must improve the way we attract and retain new talent, especially for digital and IT,” she said. “The GC Digital Talent Platform will improve the way we recruit digital and IT professionals as we work to better deliver services to Canadians in this digital age.”

The new platform, the government says, is part of the Directive on Digital Talent which supports the development and growth of the digital community through data collection and planning for talent sourcing, management, and guidance across the government. The directive was developed in April 2023 with input from the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), Canada’s largest union of scientists and federal workers.

“We favour any effort to leverage the skill sets of government employees and streamline the hiring process – ideally reducing the need to hire contractors while full-time permanent jobs sit vacant,” said Jennifer Carr, president, PIPSC. “This initiative has the potential to deliver on both efficiency and financial prudence, benefiting the government and Canadians alike.”