We are committed to the safety, security, privacy and trust of Canadians.

Cybersecurity is integral to creating a competitive future for Canadian businesses nationally and globally.

This is the impetus behind the TECH4CANADA Council and Forum. Our vision is to help identify and develop pragmatic solutions to pressing national challenges and influence national technology strategy in critical areas by working together through multi-sector collaboration.

Outcomes we are driving include increasing the competitiveness of the Canadian industry and positioning ourselves globally, developing business and government resilience, and prospering the Canadian digital economy for the future.

Advisory Groups and Task Forces

Our council is committed to tearing down barriers that hinder the nation-wide adoption of new technology. See what’s on the agenda.

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Cyber Safe Cities Podcast Series

Our Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices Initiative, funded in part by Public Safety Canada under its Cyber Security Cooperation Program, looks at the ways Canadian municipalities can ensure they are cyber safe.

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