Hire an arts student into a tech role with our new Infuse program. Join us to help lead the way to a more equitable digital workforce.

Infuse Program

TECHNATION and York University are excited to present you with a unique opportunity to fulfil your Summer 2023 student internship needs with the Infuse Program! 

Your organization may have already benefitted from students enrolled in Business and STEM programs to support the departmental needs of your business – why not approach things a little differently to round out the skills and diversity representation on your team?

Here are a few reasons why you should infuse Arts students into your available tech and tech-adjacent positions.

Research has proven that students from academic programs such as social sciences, humanities, languages, communications, history, politics, law, and gender studies are equipped to:

  • Anticipate human needs and identify societal challenges
  • Contribute toward a dynamic range of innovation and business development initiatives
  • Work with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Adapt quickly to tech-immersive environments

The program offers participating employers a talent pool of 3rd and 4th year students enrolled in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the following benefits:

  • Career-coached students prepared to thrive in workplace settings
  • Recruitment support from York University
  • Students will have completed TECHNATION’s LaunchPad modules aligned to the roles they are offered, equipping them with the most in-demand tech industry skills
  • Provide a career pathway for under-represented students in tech, advancing your company’s Social Responsibility goals

Career Ready Employers

Employers who use TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program are eligible to hire an additional 5 interns through the Infuse program, in addition to the 5 Career Ready subsidized internships. This makes one employer eligible to hire up to 10 wage-subsidized interns for a placement period.

Watch a recorded webinar about the Infuse Program

TECHNATION has had recent success working with nearly 1,000 employer partners across Canada, connecting them with all with ambitious Arts students in tech-immersive roles. This is what one of them had to say:  

Of course, onboarding Arts students for tech roles will require some adjusting and extra attention. However, they have a lot to offer in general business settings in roles such as business analyst, e-commerce, research, consulting, marketing, and related support services roles. We have hired several Arts students over the years as many brought with them knowledge and experience in UX/UI besides other workspace transferrable skills. The Arts students hired at Remitbee were quick learners and were able to excel and shine from day one. I am confident of their contribution and bright future in the tech space.

– Pratheepan Yoganathan, Director, Remitbee 


To participate in the program or for questions, please reach out to

  • Rashim Katyal – Career Ready Program, TECHNATION, or to
  • Fahimeh Ehsani – Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University.