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The TECHNATION Career Ready Program is helping organizations and student workers make big strides in their industry!

The TECHNATION team has helped pave the way for a brighter future in tech, for both students and employers alike, but don’t take it from us – check out what past Program participants are saying:

From Employers

  • “The application process was intuitive. I liked how you could save your progress and add another member to the Portal as well, so things like accounting and administrative work could be handled by other members of our team.”
    — Brenlee Coates, UpHouse Inc.
  • “The process of applying for a student is quick, effective, and consistent. Without the support of the Career Ready Program, I believe we wouldn’t have the momentum we have today.”
    — Tim Stinson, Stinson Aerial Services Inc.
  • “This program is very well managed, and the staff is very dedicated. They were able to answer all of my questions in a very timely manner. I thank this program and the staff for providing the grant to enhance my business and provide work experience to the student.”
    — Tom Lam, Lam & Sons
  • “The TECHNATION team (especially David Jolicoeur) has been very helpful, answering our questions promptly and making sure the application process was very easy to navigate.”
    — Naureen Anwar, NameShouts

From Students

  • “Close to perfect! This opportunity is teaching me so much about the field, how to communicate professionally, and who I am as a person. The start-up I work for is really open to input and is a great work environment.”
    – Christelle Stellech, College Montmorency | Computer Science
  • “Working with Chic Geek has been a great opportunity. Being on a smaller team with a start-up style workplace has allowed me to take the lead on and be involved in many projects I otherwise would not have had access to in a larger company.”
    – Lauren Gross, University of Calgary | Business Analytics
  • “My placement provided the opportunity to learn about different technologies and programming languages. I was able to gain many valuable technical skills for my career. My coworkers were helpful and supportive—overall it was an excellent experience.”
    – Emily McIntyre, University of British Columbia | Computer Science
  • “Regardless of the position being part-time and remote, this work experience at ventureLAB has been incredibly engaging and rewarding. I’ve had ample opportunity to network, grow as a professional, and grow my skill set.”
    – Rachel Cory, University of Guelph | Child Studies

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