Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

TECHNATION is committed to providing excellent service to all clients including persons with disabilities.

TECHNATION’S goal is to create an environment that is inclusive to all members of the community. TECHNATION focuses on identifying, removing, and preventing barriers for persons with disabilities. TECHNATION’S Policies and Procedures comply with provincial Accessibility legislation. These Policies and Procedures will be reviewed and updated regularly in efforts to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities.


Comments and feedback about the delivery of services to persons with disabilities are welcome, as it may help identify areas that require change and assist in continuous improvement. Feedback will be addressed immediately, although some responses may require a more in-depth review.

To provide feedback or suggestions please contact us using any of the following methods:

By email:

In Writing:
5090 Explorer Drive, Suite 510
Mississauga , ON   L4W 3T9

Attention:  Jan Hall


Updated:  August 2023