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The key benefits of membership include our advocacy, networking and professional development opportunities.

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Act as the Industry – Government Nexus for Canada’s ICT companies

  • Federal Hill Day and Queen’s Park Day – Annual events that enable members to engage directly with Cabinet Ministers and other senior officials, inside the Government of Canada and the Ontario Government respectively, on industry-wide issues and recommend solutions.
  • Executive Briefings – Briefings with Ministers and senior leaders within the Government of Canada, and within the Ontario government, to address ways the Canadian tech sector and government can work together to help government innovate, transform, and modernize.
  • Federal & Ontario Public Sector Business Committees – Bring together senior corporate business leaders whose companies focus on sales to government. Meetings involve presentations from key government stakeholders on procurement and government initiatives of interest to members.
  • Disrupting Government Procurement – We work closely with federal and provincial governments as they transform and procure more modern innovative technology. We advocate for fair, open and inclusive procurement by government jurisdictions for the benefit of our industry. Our input is consistently sought and heard by government – a tribute to our effective advocacy of well-founded industry positions.
  • Policy Advocacy – Our advocacy on policy matters range from privacy, cybersecurity, economic development, procurement, digital transformation – and more! Every year we also work with our members to present pre-budget submissions to both federal and provincial budgets, and we present to Finance committees when called upon.
  • Canada’s Digital Marketplace – A free digital marketplace, powered by TECHANTION, where all Canadian tech companies can showcase their offerings to government procurement officials, and partake in agile procurement solicitations. Future initiatives include back-end resources for TECHNATION members.


Deliver programs that drive “access” and create business opportunities for technology companies in Canada

  • CIO + CCIO Events – These events offer an open and transparent value exchange between industry and provincial government; increased awareness of current provincial challenges and opportunities; and identify opportunities for innovation, citizen-centric digital solutions to accelerate government modernization; and to identify tech enabled supports needed during recovery and rebuild and partner for future resilience.
  • Digital Marketplace Showcase Events – B2B and B2GOV events two times per year to ensure you have lots of opportunities to hear from and network with senior industry and government leaders.
  • International Trade Missions – Our funding subsidizes 75% of all costs for participating companies. We help you access international market intelligence and connect you to on-the-ground business and government supports and key contacts.
  • WITSA Global Business Exchange (GBX) – A robost B2B networking platform allowing your organization to establish and expand business partnerships all around the world.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Initiatives that support women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and Persons with Disabilities in the workplace to ensure we are addressing current and projected labour shortages in the ICT sector.
  • Ingenious Awards – Celebrating excellence in the use of technology by organizations in all walks of Canadian life, in a way that solves problems, improves performance, introduces new services or helps a business to grow.
  • HR Forum – Specialized forum for sharing HR best practices
  • Sponsorship Opportunities – Provides brand recognition, thought leadership and expanded exposure to key government and industry stakeholders


Drive national productivity and competitiveness through digital workforce readiness

  • Cybersecurity Talent Alliance – Provides national leadership and guidance on the development of a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem – including the creation of accelerated learning programs, career pathways, certification programs, and collaborative initiatives – to close the talent gap across Canada
  • Career Ready Program – Connecting industry and TECHNATION members with early talent pipelines through student engagement events including student challenges (hackathons), career fairs and workshops. Wage subsidies of up to $7500.00 for each post-secondary student you hire.
  • TECHNATION’s CareerFinder Platform – A real time online portal highlighting national job opening and labour market data for the key tech job categories of Cybersecurity, AI, Hybrid and pure Tech roles. This scalable tool is designed to support intelligent career decision making.
  • ADaPT Program – A skills development and work placement initiative that helps to bridge the employment gap for recent graduates by teaching them professional and digital skills, followed by work placement terms, to support their transition into technology and digital careers.


Influence policy on behalf of members, focus advocacy efforts towards nationally accepted standards, and support the adoption of innovative health technologies

  • Health Advocacy Committee – Develops research and position papers that support industry partners as they make their case to various levels of government, with procurement issues often front and center
  • Health Interoperability & Standards Task Force – A task force to promote the adoption of internationally accepted standards for technology, nomenclature, data, and interoperability in the health sector; and to ensure our membership’s interests are being represented in key areas related to standards and emerging Provincial and Federal regulation
  • Health Procurement Task Force – The mandate of this task force is to continually streamline the procurement process of healthcare technology related goods and services in Canada
  • Health Membership and Program Committee – Develops relevant educational programming and partnership events to address emerging issues in digital medicine and health by bringing together members and potential partners.
  • Canadian Reception at HIMMS – A sponsored reception at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society


Collaborate with other national organizations to create and deliver programs that will engage our membership’s unique capabilities to enable digital transformation across all sectors in Canada

  • TECH4CANADA Council & Forum – To help identify and develop pragmatic solutions to pressing national challenges and influence national technology strategy in critical areas by working together through multi-sector collaboration.
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisory Group – This cross-sectoral group leads the development of cybersecurity best practices to protect municipal and SME digital infrastructure.
  • Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices – Develops playbooks and runs events for municipal leaders to promote the need for governments to consider cybersecurity risks, secure their systems against cyberattack, and improve their incident management practices.

Industry Impact – Thought Leadership

We are driving the adoption of digital transformation across Canada. Discover how we are paving the way for the future of Canada’s evolving economy through our #BackonTrack Podcast Series, research reports and annual reviews.

  • #BackOnTrack Podcast Series – new podcast series, featuring thought leaders in Canada’s tech ecosystem, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, investors, and others – all tech influencers and change agents – focused on getting Canada back in the game!
  • Innovation Adoption Program – A national program that leverages one of the most powerful levers that the government has – its purchasing power – to drive economic recovery for Canada’s small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Government’s Embracing Cloud – Best practices for moving toward a cloud environment have been established and can be leveraged by Canadian governments. This paper makes nine recommendations to help governments make this important step forward.
  • Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Technologies in Canada – a white paper highlighting barriers to the adoption of the emerging technologies that are required to accelerate the transformation of Canada’s current healthcare system.
  • Agile procurement program – a national program that leverages one of the most powerful economic levers that the Government has – its purchasing power – to drive economic recovery for Canada’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), implement ‘virtual shovel ready’ projects, and transform the way that government serves its citizens
  • Speakers Bureau – As the leading national tech industry association, we have access to the most passionate, knowledgeable, engaging thought leaders and subject matters experts in the country.