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Have you ever wondered how your skills measure up in the job market, or how they might transfer to a different career path than the one you’re on?  CareerFinder will help you discover current job and skill trends, create your personal career path based on your unique goals, view detailed job descriptions to equip you on your job search.

Explore the CareerFinder Platform

Overview of Labour Market

Embark on a high-level exploration of tech roles in Canada, offering key insights into the most popular jobs at the country, province, and city levels, with a special focus on areas like Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Our feature, Popular Technology Jobs, also provides a quick and focused overview of in-demand positions and high-paying opportunities in the dynamic tech industry.


Career Demand

Explore real-time details of Canadian tech jobs, with comprehensive insights on over 300 job titles. Using real-time data, CareerFinder gives you detailed information on job openings, salaries and outlines skill requirements and industry trends from coast to coast. Consider it your roadmap to navigate the landscape of Canada’s tech careers and charting a path for your professional success!


Job Descriptions

Hire smarter with CareerFinder’s downloadable job posting templates – crafted using Artificial Intelligence for real-time identification of the most sought-after skills in the job market.

Available for a wide variety of tech jobs, these templates allow complete customization for your unique job posting, while offering helpful descriptions and highlighting the skills commonly required for each role.

This tool can also be used by job seekers to see the requirements of the role you’re looking to land, and the skills that employers are looking for based on current job market data.


Career Pathways

Career Pathways is your guide to navigating the exciting world of tech careers. Find a career that fits the skills you already have or see the skills you need to land your dream job. Get personalized suggestions based on your current occupation, skillset, and salary expectations – all presented in a friendly and visually engaging interface.


Skill Passport

Skill Passport, an exclusive new tool with limited access, is your personalized AI-driven platform to support you in planning your career, upskilling, and searching for jobs.

Crafted for both workers and students, Skill Passport is your career companion that brings your capabilities to life. The platform suggests jobs and learning opportunities based on your experience, and curates a journey perfectly aligned to your skills and desired career.