Future Workforce Development

Our vision is to help develop digital talent inside and outside the tech industry.

Through up-skilling and re-skilling programs, we are bridging the gap of digital skills needed now and for the future.

Canada’s digital economy benefits from many of our strengths, but our prosperity relies on a workforce with the digital skills to keep our companies and nation competitive in an ever changing global market. To help ensure this, we are working to inspire young people to pursue technology careers by advising them on technical education requirements and learning outcomes.

Simultaneously, we are focusing on guiding those in non-technical fields or under-represented groups to attain the required skills so they can transition into tech careers. These initiatives will help increase diversity within the tech industry, shape public policy and in turn support, expand and enhance Canada’s tech workforce.

Career Ready Program

Employers - apply for our wage subsidy program and get the next generation of talent working for you. Students - apply your learning in real-world settings for a bright career.

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Embark on a high-level exploration of tech roles in Canada, offering key insights into the most popular jobs at the country, province, and city levels, with a special focus on areas like Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

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The need for cybersecurity and cyber jobs across all sectors is at an all-time high.

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Advisory Groups

Our advisory groups provide national leadership and guidance on a number of cybersecurity-related topics.

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Programs and Tools for Employers, Educators, Students & Job Seekers

Canada’s tech industry is growing and employees with tech-related skills are desperately needed to fill a growing gap. Luckily, we have some exciting new programs and tools that can help.

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Thought Leadership and Research

Read our latest piece on skilling Canadians for leadership in the AI economy.

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