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We undertake important policy and advocacy work to support and promote the Canadian tech sector.

TECHNATION actively engages with political leaders and government officials at all levels to inform them why it is important to maintain a strong, innovative, and growing tech industry in Canada and the importance of a close alignment around the development of Canada’s innovation agenda.

We work closely with the federal government as it transforms, and as it and procures more modern innovative technology. As a result, our input is consistently sought and heard by government – a tribute to our thoughtful policy formulation and our effective advocacy of well-founded industry positions. As information and communication technology becomes increasingly important to the Canadian economy, we must help government to anticipate the tech trends with policy initiatives that serve to strengthen our economy and our industry.

TECHNATION Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector

TECHNATION, on behalf of its members, launched its Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector, outlining four specific focus areas for Canada’s federal government to drive growth in the tech sector:

  • Win the war for global tech talent
  • Execute a globally competitive tech policy environment
  • “Go global or go home’ must be Canada’s digital government mandate
  • Close the digital divide in Canada.

The Roadmap for Sustained Growth was developed based on the needs and capabilities of both large and small tech companies across the country. It focuses on a collaborative and co-creative approach between the tech industry and government to advance Canada’s technology sector, particularly in the areas of innovation, scale-up and prosperity.

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Innovation Adoption Program

TECHNATION is proposing a national program that leverages one of the most powerful economic levers that the most powerful economic levers that the Government has – its purchasing power – do drive economic recovery for Canada’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), implement ‘virtual shovel ready’ projects, and transform the way that government serves its citizens.

The Innovation Adoption Program involves four main components:

  1. Defined Needs
  2. Dedicated Funding
  3. Transformed Procurement
  4. Executed Projects.

A multi-departmental, coordinated approach will help to ensure the success of this proposal.

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Queens Park Days – November 2021

The 2021 Ontario budget has allocated $885 million dollars to the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, the largest amount committed to the ministry over the last number of years. An investment of $2.8 billion in the province’s broadband network to insure remote online access for workers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This level of spending has the power to move markets, and the way that the government invests this money will have implications for Ontario’s technology industry.

A strategic approach will ensure that Ontario meets its Digital Government targets in a way that drives our economic recovery, supports small and medium businesses hit hard by the pandemic, and creates high quality jobs in the technology sector. It will also ensure that Ontario’s public sector – and citizens – have access to the best, leading-edge technologies, built in our own backyard, and available to deliver services effectively.

Ontario Procurement Re-Design and the Tech Sector

Driving the Jobs of the Future

Digital Government and Transformation



Submission of TECHNATION Regarding Consultation on the Future of Competition Policy in Canada – March 30, 2023

To read the full Submission, click here.

Submission of TECHNATION regarding Bill C-26 – April 4, 2023

An Act respecting cyber security, amending the Telecommunications Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts.

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TECHNATION Submission – 2023 Federal Budget

TECHNATION, Canada’s leading national technology association, continues to encourage the Government of Canada to focus on working with the technology sector as a key driver of Canada’s economic future to set the path forward for sustained economic prosperity for all regions of the country.

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TECHNATION Submission – 2023 Ontario Budget

TECHNATION urges the Government of Ontario to prioritize investment in health system transformation and digital health innovation, in procurement modernization to support government transformation, in cybersecurity to safeguard our province, and to focus on the technology sector as a key driver of our economic future to set the path forward for sustainable economic success for Ontario.

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TECHNATION Submission – 2022 Federal Budget

Canada must establish a coherent tech policy approach that combines a digital transformation agenda with an economic development approach. This can both support and grow our technology industry and create jobs today and well into the future. The global pandemic has demonstrated that now is the time to accelerate investments in digital transformation and tech adoption by government and the private sector.

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TECHNATION Submission – 2022 Ontario Budget

TECHNATION urges the Government of Ontario to prioritize investment in health system transformation and digital health innovation, in procurement modernization to support digital government, and to focus on the technology sector as a key driver of our economic future, to help the province recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and to set the path forward for sustainable economic success for all regions of Ontario.

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TECHNATION Submission – Digital Services Tax Consultation

TECHNATION has consistently and strongly supported the movement towards a new international tax framework. We encourage the Government of Canada to drop its retroactive and unilateral measure and implement the OECD solution as quickly as possible. Global tax policy challenges require global solutions, and any unilateral approach only serves to further complicate efforts to implement a multilateral consensus.

To read the full submission, click here.

TECHNATION Submission – Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum

The forthcoming auction of the 3800MHz band represents a critical next step in ensuring that Canada retains its position as a world leader in wireless networks. While 2021’s 3500 MHz auction laid the foundation for Canada’s 5G future, the country is currently slipping from its leadership position in

To read the full submission, click here

TECHNATION Submission – Online Harms

Across the Canadian technology sector and our membership, there is agreement on the need to address digital safety. We strongly believe that tackling illegal content online is a serious issue that will have long-lasting impacts on the way Canadians use the internet.

We are supportive of the government’s efforts to find ways to protect Canadians online, however, we are concerned that aspects of the current proposal may have unintended negative impacts on access to valuable information and services, privacy and freedom of expression, and the innovation economy.

On September 25, 2021, TECHNATION submitted a response to the Government of Canada’s proposed approach to address harmful content online, as discussed by Heritage Canada.

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In late December 2020, the TECHNATION Legal Working Group sent in a submission to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) as part of OSFI’s ongoing consultation that began with a discussion paper, Developing financial sector resilience in a digital world. The OSFI paper focuses on risks arising from rapid technological advancement and digitalization, as these trends impact the stability of the Canadian financial sector.  TECHNATION believes that the OSFI’s consultation represents a timely and thoughtful review of the technology and data issues that are fundamental to the resilience of financial institutions in a digital world. As the importance of technology and data continues to grow, it is critical that OSFI, financial institutions and suppliers share a deep understanding of the related risks and how they can be managed.

We agree with many objectives that OSFI has put forward such as the need for a holistic assessment of the overarching regulatory ‘architecture’ for technology and identifying core principles that will guide future development of regulatory guidance. To maintain a healthy and strong financial system, innovation is essential. Financial institutions must innovate if they are to meet the needs of consumers, while remaining competitive in a sector that is increasingly being disrupted by non-traditional businesses. Also, the importance of innovation is not limited to leveraging technology and data. Financial institutions need flexibility in managing risks. This means freedom to innovate in how risks are mitigated, with a focus on the effectiveness of risk mitigation activities, rather than formal compliance with detailed rules.

In 2021, TECHNATION will seek a meeting with OSFI to further discuss our submission.

To read the full Submission, click here

For more information on the TECHNATION Legal Working Group, please contact Nevin French, VP, Policy (nfrench@technationcanada.ca).

Transforming & Modernizing the Federal Government

TECHNATION has developed a multi-faceted strategic approach that is individually and collectively focused on bringing real and impactful change. This includes: the development of a Commercial First Approach – a proposal to help government modernize and digitally transform; a strategic approach to helping government migrate to the Cloud; and a plan to help re-skill and up-skill the federal workforce.

Commercial First

The Commercial First Approach would enable the government to adopt new technologies to increase efficiencies and competition; leverage data and analytics; and increase cyber security measures. Most importantly, it would require the federal government to adopt a ‘Buy, not Build’ philosophy where it procures all products, goods, services, and solutions from the private sector whenever possible. Industry and Government should not act as competitors but instead operate as collaborators and business partners.

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Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud would enable government to leverage cloud strategies and cloud-based managed service delivery models, enabling improved citizen l service delivery. Increased internet connectivity and bandwidth would allow Government departments and agencies to leverage public Cloud services; allow governments to innovate, collect insights and evolve; and enable Government to tap into an already specialized market (off-premise, public and private Cloud – and combinations of these) which is becoming the default environment for businesses around the world. Finally, it would also provide opportunities to leverage existing security controls and accreditations that have driven innovation and delivered improved policy outcomes, enhanced efficiencies, higher levels of service quality, greater agility, security, and improved levels of trust with citizens and business.

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Re-Skill and Up-Skill Federal Workforce

A plan is currently underway to help re-skill and up-skill the federal workforce. This approach would enable federal workers to update skills to leverage new technologies to deliver state-of-the-art digital services. Combined with Commercial First, this approach would shift the focus away from building technology in-house, to purchasing and applying the newest technology solutions and tools.


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