The tech industry is evolving fast, and TECHNATION is at the forefront of that evolution. We’ve made major strides since launching our future workforce programs, with no signs of slowing down.

We Saw the Problem

The technology industry is surging, but Canada is falling behind as a global leader. Without the means to hire tech talent, organizations must cope with digital threats without the tools or skills to fight them. If Canada is going to keep up on a global level, we need to fill 250,000 tech roles. The talent is there—but they need opportunities.

  • We’re tapping into the annual pool of 75,000 Canadian students on co-op placements, plus thousands more seeking jobs and internships.

We Bridged the Gaps

In 2017 we launched education, mentorship, and future workforce programs with the goal of filling the gaps in our country’s tech industry. Our CareerFinder tool helps both students and employers get real-time data on the Canadian labour market, so it’s easier to find talent and opportunities. Creating connections between employers and new talent helps propel our industry forward, launching the careers of thousands of future tech leaders.

We Removed the Risk

Taking on a student worker for their first work placement has major rewards, for both the student and the employer. They’re eager, they’ve got up-to-date training on a rapidly evolving industry, and their fresh perspectives are valuable in an industry built on innovation. However, small businesses and organizations may not have the budget to take on a student worker for paid placement.

TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program offers wage subsidies of up to 70% so organizations of all sizes can afford to take on new talent

Students are Working

In the 5+ years since the Career Ready Program’s launch, we’ve helped launch the careers of thousands of emerging tech professionals while equipping Canadian businesses with the tech talent they need to keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape.

  • We’ve funded 20,000 work placements and subsidized 1.2 million workdays.

Businesses are Making Gains

Taking a chance on new talent is paying off, and employers are recognizing the value in hiring student workers.

  • 80% of employers extend their student’s work placement.
  • 90% report their student was ready for an entry-level position.
  • 99.5% of employers believe their student work placements have benefited them.

The Future of TECHNATION

Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, it’s time to focus on how we can remove barriers and create opportunities for more tech students who deserve a chance to work. We want to ensure our future leaders are people with diverse perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking.

We’re prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by calling on our industry to make sure diverse talent has a seat at the table.
The future of Canadian tech is full of opportunity, and we’re committed to making them more accessible for students and businesses alike, to elevate Canada’s presence on the global stage.

We are a TECHnation. And we want you to join along in our journey.