Cyber Safe Cities Podcast Series

Welcome to the Cyber Safe Cities Podcast series, brought to you by the Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices Initiative, funded in part by Public Safety Canada under its Cyber Security Cooperation Program.

This podcast series looks at the ways Canadian municipalities can ensure they are cyber safe through discussions with industry experts about best practices and their experience in the cybersecurity field. Municipal leaders – Mayors, CAOs, COOs, City Managers and their technical authorities will all benefit from learning from cybersecurity experts on tools and practices that municipalities should be aware of, and implementing, to be cyber safe.

Why is this important? In recent years, municipal governments have faced increasing threats from cybercrime.   Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized municipalities are extremely vulnerable to cyber threats. Municipalities are targeted for a wide range of reasons, such as information on their residents, access to payment and government services, through ransomware and other disruptors.  TECHNATION and the Industry Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisory Group have recently published Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices, guidelines to help ensure that municipalities of all sizes have the tools and knowledge needed to be cyber-safe.

This podcast looks at the ways Canadian municipalities can ensure they are cyber safe, chatting with industry experts about best practices.

Hear from the experts in the field that helped define these best practices, as well as key learnings from municipalities who have experienced security breaches and/or cyber attacks to ensure that your municipality is cyber-safe.

This Podcast Series came about through The Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices (MCBP) Initiative, which was created based on discussions within senior cybersecurity industry representatives regarding the challenges municipalities face in addressing even basic cybersecurity requirements. the podcasts will leverage the tech ecosystem to collaborate and help municipalities overcome these challenges.


Incident Response Preparedness – with Wadeen Mian, Vice President, Digital Forensics and Incident Response ISA Cybersecurity

Wadeed Mian, Vice-president of Digital Forensics and Incident Response, ISA Cybersecurity, shares his vast knowledge of how to proactively plan for a cyber-attack and manage cyber risk.

Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment – with Ashley Lukeeram, Assistant Vice President & Country Manager, Canada, Tenable Inc.

Ashley Lukeeram, Tenable Inc., answers questions around cyber security risk for municipalities to consider as they develop their risk assessment plans.

Working with Law Enforcement – with DS Vern Crowley, Cybercrime Investigation Team, Ontario Provincial Police

Detective Sergeant Vern Crowley with the Cyber Crime Investigation Team, Ontario Provincial Police, provides details on how working in law enforcement into your business response plan can be vital to not only protect your municipality, but also track down repeat offenders.

10 Questions to Ask to Secure your Organization – with Ruth Promislow, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

Ruth Promislow, partner at Bennett Jones LLP educates on 10 questions municipalities should ask their internal teams to assess their cyber risk and safety.

Security Audits and Assessments – with Kevin De Snayer, National Cybersecurity Specialist, Calian Group

Kevin De Snayer, National Cybersecurity Specialist with Calian, discusses why and how to perform cybersecurity audits and assessments

Dealing with Cyber Attacks and Steps to Take – with Sheldon Shaw, Vice President of Innovation and Infrastructure, CyberNB

Sheldon Shaw, Vice President of Infrastructure and Innovation with CyberNB, elaborates on how to deal with cyber-attacks and steps to secure your organization

General Incident Management – with Randy Purse, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Randy Purse, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor with the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst discusses where to start in addressing your cyber risk, and how you can leverage your existing team to help secure your municipality.

Managing Third Party Vendors and Risk – with Tyson Johnson, CEO, CyberNB

Tyson Johnson, CEO of Cyber New Brunswick (CyberNB) provides details for municipalities to consider when dealing with third-party vendors and the risks associated with potential cyber attacks and breaches to their systems. Tyson discusses a series of questions to ask your third-party vendors and internal team to ensure you can manage your risk accordingly.

Cyber Safe Cities Podcast – a Teaser

This podcast looks at the ways Canadian municipalities can ensure they are cyber safe. We’ll be chatting with industry experts about best practices and their experience in the cybersecurity field. We look to demystify cybersecurity, show you where to get started tackling your cyber risk, and provide tactical tips and tools that municipalities can implement today.