Career Ready Events

Show your skills. Connect with employers and industry. Get recognized for your talent.

Career Ready Events provides students opportunities to learn directly from industry experts, apply their skills and connect with potential employers and key industry figures to further their career.

TECHNATION, by way of its Career Ready Program, wants to help students expand their professional network and break into the industry, so our events range from conferences and expert speaker sessions to student challenges and career fairs.

Types of Events

Student Challenges: Test your skills in one of our Student Challenges. Each challenge focuses on different topics and issues in business and tech, so they’re a perfect opportunity to build your network, win prizes, and show your abilities to industry experts. Check out our current and past challenges here. 

Career Fairs: TECHNATION hosts both national and specifically targeted career fairs that help connect students with future employers, and employers with new talent.

Interactive Events: These events are a mix of conferences, award receptions and other events that give Career Ready students the opportunity to expand their network and interact with industry members.

Entrepreneurship Workshops (Start-up Skills Series): Get expert advice and inspiration from our guest speaker sessions that cover relevant topics for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can find all our sessions on the TECHNATION YouTube channel.

Partner with us

We are seeking industry partners to support student events for 2023-24. Learn more about partnership and sponsorship opportunities here.

Need more information?

If the FAQ below doesn’t have the information you’re looking for, reach out to Tim Sidock to learn more about our student events!

Latest Student Events

june, 2024

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Student FAQs

Who can attend TECHNATION events?

Our events are generally targeted to post-secondary students in Canada, along with recent grads. However, we have many events specifically for Canadians that see a lack of representation in the workforce (Indigenous students, Black students, women in STEM and people with disabilities, for example).

Am I eligible to join a Student Challenge?

If you’re a Canadian or international student who is registered in an accredited post-secondary institution, you’re open (and encouraged!) to register for a Student Challenge.

How do I register for an event?

We post all upcoming events in the calendar widget on this page. You can find registration links on each event’s landing page. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our events!

How much do TECHNATION events cost to attend?

Guess what? As a student, all student events are FREE for you to attend. If you’re an organization or a partner, there maybe be a cost associated.

Employer FAQs

How do I join a Career Fair as an employer?

If you’re looking to become part of an event, you can find a registration link on the event’s information page.

Who can I speak to about hosting a Career Fair, partnering on a Student Challenge, or becoming a speaker?

Feel free to reach out to Tim Sidock to discuss any potential opportunities or partnerships.

How can my business sponsor an event?

You can sponsor and partner with student challenges and career fairs. Reach out to Tim Sidock for current opportunities.

How do I access an event after I’ve signed up?

After you register for an event, you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions on what to do next. If you’ve registered for a student challenge, you will get more information about related events, timelines and submission instructions. You can find most of this information through our student challenge portal. For career fairs and other virtual events, you’ll get an email with instructions for the event. If the event is on our Hopin platform, you will get a virtual ticket to the event either the day of the event or shortly before. Check your spam folders for these emails!

How much do TECHNATION events cost to attend?

Guess what? As a student, all student events are FREE for you to attend. If you’re an organization or a partner, there maybe be a cost associated.


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