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Build experience, build your network, build your resume. You could start your career in tech today.

TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program can help you get hired for the internship you want by subsidizing up to 70% of your wages. Gain real-world experience, grow your network in the industry, and get paid to do it – all before you graduate.

We support meaningful work experiences before you graduate while also giving businesses an affordable way to scale up their tech talent. With funding from the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), we provide subsidies for businesses of all sizes across Canada, to hire students like you in tech-immersive roles.

How you can benefit from the Career Ready Program?

  • Access more job opportunities – we help fund your work placement, which creates more student positions in the job market for you and your peers.
  • Earn more money – many employers report being able to increase the hourly student wage with our financial support.
  • Get a competitive advantage – next time you’re in the market for a job, let the interviewers know you’re eligible for a wage subsidy, or put it in your cover letter to stand out.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to networking, events and training – we host weekly entrepreneurship workshops, interactive events, and challenges (hackathons), for our Career Ready students.


Student Readiness Package

Includes information on the Career Ready Program, job hunting tips and tricks, a cover letter template & more! | 28/09/2022


Student Guide

Everything you need to know about the program. | 02/12/2022


Student Application Manual

Detailed look at the application process. | 03/05/2021



Am I eligible for a subsidy?

Tech touches almost all industries and disciplines. The Career Ready Program has opened eligibility to students outside of STEM programs. That means students studying arts, business and other interdisciplinary areas now qualify.

And Yes! We subsidize remote work term placements! The future is remote and safety is a priority for us at Career Ready. We have already subsidized many remote placements and anticipate thousands more in the year ahead.

To be eligible for the Career Ready Program, you’ll meet the criteria below:

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Not an international student
  • Enrolled in a program at an accredited Canadian post-secondary
  • Pursuing a tech-immersive career (you can still be a student studying arts, business/marketing, etc.)

How can I get a tech-based work placement?

We don’t just subsidize co-op placements. We accept students outside co-op programs for any kind of tech-related work placement, such as internships and applied research projects.

Get your dream job! Research places where you would like to work, reach out to those places, and ask for a placement (tell them you come with up to 70% in wage subsidy).

What do I need going in to complete the application?

  • Proof of registration in an accredited post-secondary institution (unofficial transcript or screen capture of course load/registration will work great)
  • Proof of citizenship or residency (letter from campus confirming your citizenship, provincial health services card, birth certificate, passport, permanent residency card, etc.) – unfortunately, this program is not available to international students at this time
  • An updated resume

Why should I work in my field before I graduate?

When you enter the workforce, you will want to have relevant work experience on your resume.

The fastest way to get started in the career you want is to secure at least one relevant work-integrated learning experience while you’re in university or college.

How much of my wage is covered?

Your employer can receive up to $7000 incentive to subsidize your wage. Funding can run out, so make sure your employer applies before the deadline.

We also believe in a diverse future for the technology industry. If you’re a member of an under-represented group, including women in STEM, Black, Indigenous students, new Canadians (within last 5 years), persons with disabilities or another underrepresented group, you will be eligible for additional support.

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