Advisory Groups and Task Forces

As an industry, it’s our responsibility to understand the implications of innovation on a national and global scale.

The TECH4CANADA Council is a collaborative multi-sector council, to identify critical technology challenges and establish action-oriented priorities with a 12 to 18-month horizon. This council provides a venue to unify thought leadership and action-oriented working groups, sub-committees or task force(s) to develop the program.

Accelerating Tech Adoption with Canada’s SMEs: An Industry-Government Collaboration Recommendation Report

Cybersecurity Taskforce

The TECHNATION Cybersecurity Taskforce, under TECHNATION’s TECH4Canada mandate is a collaborative multi-sector council, created to identify and support critical challenges in Canada’s cybersecurity fabric (i.e., Talent readiness and availability, risks and lack of cyber-security readiness in SMEs,& Municipalities, emerging areas of threat (quantum, IOT, 5G). Informed by the priority needs of the TECHNATION membership and cyber market insights, the Taskforce will establish action-oriented priorities (common problem set) and 12-18 month action plan to help improve Canada’s Cyber Security awareness and readiness.

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Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisory Group
This cross-sectoral group leads the development of cybersecurity best practices to protect municipal and SME digital infrastructure.

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