Cybersecurity Taskforce

TECHNATION Cybersecurity Taskforce Purpose:

TECHNATION members, and Canadians more broadly, face unprecedented challenges in meeting the cybersecurity needs of the modern enterprise. Preserving Canadian innovation, prosperity and security urgently requires a collaborative industry wide cyber approach.


A secure digital nation, capable of advancing Canada’s economic prosperity and national security through robust cybersecurity readiness and innovative cybersecurity solutions that addresses the full spectrum of cybersecurity talent and organizational needs now and especially in the future.


The Taskforce will provide a collaborative platform and ecosystem for thought leadership in cybersecurity to enhance the overall cybersecurity awareness, talent and capability position of Canada.


  1. Identify realistic cyber imperatives areas for the Taskforce to tackle
  2. Stimulate the development of strategies, approaches, and techniques to rapidly increase the supply of qualified cybersecurity workers
  3. Educate Canadians and Canadian organizations on the vital need for cybersecurity awareness and readiness
  4. Prosperity – developing a Canadian digital economy for the future

 Cybersecurity Taskforce Partners

TECHNATION has drawn together a number of cybersecurity organizations to help lead the discussion and be the voice in Canada on how best to tackle the issues and challenges facing organizations in cybersecurity.

For more information about the Cybersecurity Taskforce please contact Jeff Hanlan at