Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisory Group

The Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisory Group leads municipal leaders and lead decision makers in SME’s in developing a set of cybersecurity best practices to protect their digital infrastructure.

These best practices are created collaboratively through interactive forums and virtual events, allowing municipal and SME leaders to share their experience within the cyber context and how to apply safe and secure measures.

The adoption of these collaborative best practices will increase knowledge on cyber threats and vulnerabilities and the implications of emerging technology; increase knowledge on how to prevent, mitigate, and respond to cybersecurity incidents as well as an understanding of where to collaborate and share across municipalities to create efficiencies and effectiveness; and provide tactical steps that municipalities can immediately tailor and apply.

Read the Municipal Cybersecurity Best Practices guidelines here.


Improve collaboration and sharing of resources across municipalities and SME’s to create efficiencies and improve effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions within municipalities.


Create an established understanding of best practices, adopted by municipalities and SME’s in the areas of threat and risk assessment, organizational planning and governance, training and awareness, third party arrangements, cybersecurity incident management, and emerging technology and evolving risk.


  1. Education: familiarize leaders with common cybersecurity lexicon, controls and activities and how they are applied within their organizations;
  2. Applied: encourage leaders to act on implementing the best practices within their organizations;
  3. Increased resilience: nationally distribute best practices and associated tools to support municipal cybersecurity which, in turn, supports improved infrastructure protection and increases security and resilience.



This cross-sectoral group leads the development of cybersecurity best practices to protect municipal and SME digital infrastructure.

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