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TECHNATION is about people and relationships, not just the ICT business. If you would like to learn more about our association, including membership, please feel free to contact any one of us or reach out to us at

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Mississauga Office

5090 Explorer Drive, Suite 510, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4W 4T9

Ph: 905-602-8345

Fax: 905-602-8346

TECHNATION Staff Directory

President and CEO’s Office

Angela Mondou

President and CEO

Magda Fava

Executive Assistant

Janet Tite

Events and Logistics Coordinator

Stephanie Vizinho

Membership and Database Coordinator
Accounting and Finance

Rehan Mamdani

Director, Accounting and Finance

Mohsin Aziz


Emerita Faustino


Sarah Coombs

Consultant, Communications
Events and Program Development

Christine Leonard

Vice-President, Events and Communications

Charlotte Macaulay

Events and Program Development Manager
Future Workforce Development

Sandi Campbell

Executive Director

Brett Hotas

Program Director (Career Ready)

Tenielle Bogdan

Program Outreach and Integration Manager, Future Workforce Development

Patricia Robb

Manager, Program Operations & Administration (Career Ready)

Tim Sidock

Manager, Marketing & Program Development (Career Ready)

Mike Staz

Project Manager (Career Ready)

Fatima Corera

Program Lead (ADaPT)

Rashim Katyal

Program Coordinator (Career Ready)

Talusier Lasalle

Senior Program Coordinator, Quebec & Atlantic (Career Ready)

Jacob Lolarga

Program Associate, Career Ready

Healther McGilvary

Senior Program Coordinator, Western & Northern Canada (Career Ready)

Dave Jolicoeur

Program Coordinator (Career Ready)

Jonathan Myrie

Program Administrator
Government Relations, Policy and Digital Transformation

Michele Lajeunesse

Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Policy

Michael Dugeri

Policy Analyst

Elaine Huesing

Executive Director, Health

Janet Tite

Events and Logistics Coordinator
Human Resources

Janice Hall

AVP HR & Operations Management
Industry, Prosperity & Growth

Denise Shortt

Senior Vice President, Industry Development and DEI

Janet Tite

Events and Logistics Coordinator

Jeff Hanlan

Acting Vice President, Member Services