TECHNATION Launches Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector

Federal government must focus on Canada’s tech sector as a key driver of our economic future

Mississauga, ON (October 21, 2021) – TECHNATION on behalf of its members, today launched its Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector, outlining four specific focus areas for Canada’s federal government to drive growth in the tech sector:

  • Win the war for global tech talent
  • Execute a globally competitive tech policy environment
  • “Go global or go home” must be Canada’s digital government mandate
  • Close the digital divide in Canada.

The Roadmap for Sustained Growth was developed based on the needs and capabilities of both large and small tech companies across the country. It focuses on a collaborative and co-creative approach between the tech industry and government to advance Canada’s technology sector, particularly in the areas of innovation, scale-up and prosperity.

“Canada’s tech sector drives economic growth, high-quality, well-paying jobs, year-over-year job gains, and wage growth that outpaces all other sectors, not to mention a significant impact on our GDP,” said Angela Mondou, president & CEO, TECHNATION. “Government needs an aggressive and comprehensive strategy that will leverage the powerful capabilities of Canada’s tech sector. As we emerge from this pandemic – with the right strategy and the right mix of support from governments in place – Canada’s digital economy will have even greater impact and a global force long-term.”

The actions outlined in the Roadmap will help Canada’s federal government guide the continued growth of Canada’s tech ecosystem and ensure the sector is well positioned to deliver innovative solutions to government that meet the ever-changing expectations of citizens and businesses. By focusing on continued innovation, supporting scale-up of domestic businesses, and ensuring Canadian tech companies of all sizes prosper, the Roadmap will help government address some of its most pressing issues, while creating high quality jobs and driving economic growth for Canada.

Mondou continues, “The asks and recommendations in our Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector are key to Canada’s journey to becoming a global leader once again. Canada’s tech sector can help governments, and businesses in all sectors, overcome their post-pandemic challenges and step boldly into the ‘new normal’. The opportunity for Canada to do more is now!”

TECHNATION and its members stand ready to work with government in developing a plan of action where we all prosper – and together create a resilient, digitally-enabled, and more sustainable Canada.

For more information and to read the Roadmap, click here.



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