Canada’s tech sector virtual Hill Days to focus on the ‘new normal’ powered by innovative technology

Ottawa, ON (May 10, 2021) – TECHNATION, Canada’s national technology industry association, along with leading-edge tech leaders from across Canada, are virtually descending on Ottawa this week to promote the tech sector’s forward-looking recommendations to the federal government.  Discussion will include some of Canada’s biggest challenges that face us as we strive to drive economic recovery and innovation adoption.

“The Pandemic has proven that digital transformation can make or break economies,” said Angela Mondou, president & CEO of TECHNATION.  “TECHNATION and our members, want to influence a more resilient and prosperous future – and we are committed to collaboration with government to execute on the digital investments announced in Budget 2021. This week, we look forward to having bold discussions with Ottawa on how the tech sector can do just that.”

“Canada’s tech sector is incredibly well positioned to lead growth in jobs, innovation, and economic development,” added Mike Hilton, president, HPE Canada.  “We are ready to help our nation successfully compete on the world stage.”

Throughout the week, TECHNATION will engage with Ministers, Members of Parliament, and top departmental officials, focusing on three areas where the tech sector is poised to help Canada recover:

  • Driving the Jobs of the Future: Technology firms are positioned to drive Canada’s economic recovery, fuel the creation of innovative, high-quality, well-paying jobs, and position our changing national economy for long-term success. Canada can and should be a global technology leader, driving growth in all sectors of our economy, but we need the right government policies and support in place to achieve this.
  • Ensuring Canada Thrives in the ’New Normal‘: Canada’s tech sector can help governments, and businesses in all sectors, overcome their challenges and step boldly into the ‘new normal’. This will be achieved through tech adoption, regardless of industry. Canada’s tech sector has solutions to transform Canada’s data capabilities, strengthen our national health system, tackle supply chain issues, safeguard our privacy and security, enable a remote workforce, modernize citizen services, and more.
  • Transforming Canada’s Public Sector: Canada’s tech sector is home to world-leading technologies and innovations that can provide the backbone to a modern, nimble, productive, and efficient public service; one that is able to deliver on the evolving needs of citizens and provide programs and services that are accessible to Canadians wherever they are, under any circumstances.

The federal government spends at least $6.8 billion every year on technology, and is promising new, ’generational investments’ to improve its digital footprint including over $3 billion in new funding in Budget 2021. By challenging our nation’s tech sector to meet the Government’s needs within the ‘new normal’, and by shifting the way that industry and government work together, Canada can leverage its substantial spending power as a strategic economic lever to regain its position as a leading-edge digital government; delivering innovative solutions to service delivery that meet the ever-changing expectations of citizens and businesses.

Executed strategically, this much-needed investment, will help technology firms across Canada, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to scale and grow. Strengthening domestic tech firms can in turn provide solutions to all sectors of our economy, driving productivity, resilience, and job-creation across the nation.

Similarly, the federal government’s injection of $4 billion in the new Canada’s Digital Adoption Program announced in Budget 2021, will help SMEs across Canada purchase and deploy the technology they need to prosper in the post-pandemic world, driving economic growth across all sectors and employment for thousands of Canadians.

TECHNATION looks forward to presenting these ideas and recommendations, to political leaders and departmental officials across the Government of Canada throughout the week. Follow our “Hill Days” social posts – #TechHillDays2021 – on LinkedIn and Twitter.



TECHNATION is the industry-government nexus for technology prosperity in Canada. As a member-driven, not-for-profit, TECHNATION unites Canada’s technology sector, governments and communities to enable technology prosperity in Canada. TECHNATION champions technology prosperity by providing advocacy, professional development and networking opportunities across industry and governments at all levels; connecting Canadian scale-ups with global tech leaders; engaging the global supply chain; and filling the technology talent pipeline. TECHNATION has served as the authoritative national voice of the $210 billion ICT industry for over 60 years. More than 43,200 Canadian ICT firms create and supply goods and services that contribute to a more productive, competitive, and innovative society. The ICT sector generates more than 666,500 jobs and invests $7.5 billion annually in R&D, more than any other private sector performer. For more information:

About Canada’s Tech Sector

Canada’s tech sector is best positioned to serve as a catalyst driving high quality job creation and economic growth today, and for the long term. There are more than 73,000 technology businesses in Canada, employing 1.66 million Canadians, generating $210 billion in annual revenue, paying wages that are 40% higher than average private sector jobs, and leading significant year-over-year job growth in eight of ten provinces. Importantly, technology adoption across businesses can be a rising tide that floats all boats – a 10% increase in digitalization can create an almost 1% decrease in the unemployment rate, while every 1% increase in digital adoption can add $8.7 billion (0.5%) to GDP.

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