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City of Toronto IT Executive Briefing – Re-imagine the City of Toronto Series

This series of events are focused on Response, Recovery and Rebuild in terms of digital modernization and procurement transformation. City of Toronto IT leaders and their teams work with the TECHNATION CEO, staff and the Ontario Public Sector Business Committee to design and implement a series of programs and events in an open and transparent value exchange between industry and government.

Ontario Broader Public Sector CIO Breakfast Series

At each of these sessions, distinguished panelists will discuss critical issues and opportunities facing Broader Public Sector Leaders and their agencies. This series is designed to be an open and transparent value exchange and to encourage the sharing of information between industry and government as well as to jointly identify IT challenges and solutions. The goal of each event is to discuss how the IT vendor community can better support government business and cultivate more effective citizen-centred service delivery.

The benefits for TECHNATION and its member community are extensive. These forums provide an opportunity for vendors to establish contacts with government and industry leaders whom they might not otherwise meet. By attending, members are exposed to government priorities to allow them to better focus their marketing and development specific to current and future needs.

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