TBB (Canada) launches Ambassador Program to mark World Refugee Day

Written By Maureen Connors

TBB (Canada) launches Ambassador Program to mark World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is an occasion to build empathy and understanding. We recognize the resilience of refugees to rebuild their lives. Whenever people are forced to flee, they have a right to be protected. Whatever the threat – war, violence, persecution – everyone deserves protection. Everyone has a right to be safe. Please join us today in celebrating the remarkable contribution that refugees and other displaced people have made to Canada!

Today is World Refugee Day, an opportunity to acknowledge the experiences and contributions of the now 100 million people forced to flee violence and persecution, and to show our solidarity.

The 2022 World Refugee Day theme set by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is: The Right to Seek Safety. Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) and Jumpstart Refugee Talent join with refugee-serving organizations, governments, and other allies around the world to shine a light on the rights, needs, and aspirations of refugees and other displaced people. World Refugee Day helps to focus global attention on the plight of those fleeing conflict or persecution, helping to mobilize political will and resources so they can not only survive, but thrive.

TBB is pleased to mark World Refugee Day by officially launching the TBB Ambassador Program, an initiative to raise awareness and increase the impact of TBB’s displaced talent mobility programs. In Canada, TBB is a trusted partner in the Government of Canada’s innovative Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP).

TBB Ambassadors will play a key role in enhancing TBB’s efforts to scale up displaced talent mobility, by connecting new supporters with TBB’s mission in three main ways: hiring with us, funding us, and/or volunteering with us. The Ambassadors will help to open up new opportunities for refugees and other displaced people to move to safety based on their skills and experience.

TBB is privileged to welcome and celebrate our inaugural TBB Ambassadors:

­­­David Crawford is a partner with Fragomen (Toronto), TBB’s preferred immigration provider. “Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is working with my firm, many other stakeholders, and the Government of Canada, to facilitate the recruitment and lawful migration of skilled workers to Canada to meet the skills shortages facing our economy. The immigrants come with great experience across many occupation groups. They just happen to be refugees, currently living in very difficult circumstances. In transforming the lives of these people we also help Canada and Canadian employers. I urge any employer wanting to know more about this work to contact TBB, me, or any other Ambassador, to see how we can help. You will not regret it.”

Dave Bencivengo is President of Weichert Workforce Mobility (New York City), a TBB partner providing international relocation services at discounted rates to employers hiring with TBB. “When care, compassion and opportunity unite people the world is simply a better place. TBB advances this mission every day by creating a pathway for refugees to pursue their professional and personal dreams while supporting the rising talent needs of employers at a crucial time in the evolution of work. If there was ever a need for the right human-focused talent solution it is now, and TBB is at the forefront of this effort.”  

Yuri Navarro is a Managing Partner at Kanata Ventures (Toronto). “TBB is helping displaced talent find meaningful employment in a new host country. This is not only a win for refugees…it’s a win for communities, employers, and the economic future of Canada! The work of TBB has given refugees a chance for a new life; eager to give back–their talents, resilience, and unique perspectives. I’m honored to be chosen as one of TBB’s inaugural Ambassadors and to highlight and support this essential work.”

TBB’s Ambassador Program is complementary to the Refugee 500 Taskforce, an initiative of TBB Canada that will help ensure the success of the EMPP in bringing at least 500 skilled refugees and their families to Canada in the next two years. The Refugee 500 Taskforce is a collaboration among thought leaders, employers, EMPP alumni, and other stakeholders to make recommendations on how to improve the EMPP for both employers and displaced talent, and to provide advice on how to scale the program even more.

“My experience working in war zones with the Canadian Forces showed me the importance of providing assistance to the bright, capable, and highly skilled but displaced people who want to build a new life for themselves and their families in Canada,” said Angela Mondou, president and CEO, TECHNATION. “The need for skilled tech talent in Canada continues to be an issue, and TBB provides an important and untapped source of talent for employers and a leg-up for these job seekers. TBB’s Ambassador Program and its Refugee 500 Taskforce are innovative ways for Canadian leaders to get involved in the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) and make a real difference in peoples’ lives!”

As global leaders in connecting displaced talent with the right employers, Talent Beyond Boundaries works closely with Jumpstart Refugee Talent to create safe, legal pathways that enable displaced people to move for work, resume their careers, and rebuild their lives.

“We ask employers to hire with us because refugees and other displaced people have the skills that Canadian employers need to maintain and grow their businesses. Professional opportunities that reflect the investment that people have made in themselves – through education, work experience, etc. – restore personal dignity and allow people to hope again for a future of their own making. We’re so grateful to our inaugural TBB Ambassadors for their personal commitment to this mission, and together with them we celebrate today the wealth of talent and inspiring life transformations that await us.”  Lara Dyer, Canada Director, Talent Beyond Boundaries.

Please join us today in celebrating the remarkable contribution that refugees and other displaced people have made to Canada!