Talent Beyond Boundaries launches GivingTuesday Campaign to support refugees

Talent Beyond Boundaries - Virtual Experience ProgramsOn November 30th, 2021, Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is proud to participate in a day of generosity, inviting you to be a part of our campaign of securing labor mobility pathways for displaced persons globally. This GivingTuesday, TBB is raising funds and rallying supporters and friends to take action to support refugees.

Whilst still growing, TBB’s impact is striking. We have pioneered labour mobility pathways in Canada, Australia and the UK. We have provided durable solutions for over 330 refugees worldwide (including more than 50 to Canada). Our U.S. program launched in 2021 and is being built out alongside a program with the U.S. government to find durable solutions for Afghan refugees in the USA.

In Canada, our program continues to expand. We have another 50 refugees’ visa applications in processing and anticipate their relocation in a matter of months. We have conversations every day with employers interested in the program and it’s clear this solution is one that is both wanted and needed by Canadian employers. We want to be able to meet this demand.

Our Canada Program is led by Patrick O’Leary, Global Program Director. Patrick said “By supporting these highly skilled individuals, employers can create a pathway for a refugee and their family to come to a safer country. It’s a smart thing to do for business, but it’s also a compassionate and the right thing to do, especially for employers in a country like Canada where we hold these values quite close.”

Labor pathways can move a large number of people for jobs whilst creating an opportunity to rebuild their lives. We are calling our community of supporters to join Talent Beyond Boundaries in expanding our mandate in North America and make labor mobility pathways part of the conversation.

Please consider donating today! TBB/Giving Tuesday

Our fundraising goal is $100,000 to meet our overall goal of building a new skill-based solution for refugees to move to the United States using labor mobility pathways and to help relocate 500 skilled refugees and their family members to Canada.

If you have given, we would be honored if you would share with your network to support our work.

We cannot do it without you. Donate Today.