Digital Marketplace Events

Our events are shaping tech procurement in Canada

We’re proud to host the CANADA’S DIGITAL MARKETPLACE Event Series to help advance the adoption of tech across government sectors.

Through CANADA’S DIGITAL MARKETPLACE powered by TECHNATION and our work with federal government departments, including Shared Services Canada (SSC), TECHNATION is directly working to enable the much-needed transformation of procurement in Canada. TECHNATION hosts B2B and B2GOV events two times per year to ensure you have lots of opportunities to hear from and network with senior industry and government leaders.

Events will address: how large enterprises can bolster their supply chain and innovation pipelines; how scale-ups and small-and-medium-sized enterprises can increase access to ‘tech titans’ and government leaders; and how we can create more meaningful experiences for B2B and B2G activities; and government/more agile procurement. Through Canada’s top tech leaders, we can look at the best ways our industry and government can pivot, innovate and adopt technology to drive Canada’s overall economic success.

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