At the request of Health Ministry leaders, seeking further information to provide them with a deeper knowledge on a variety of digital health technologies topics, TECHNATION is organizing a series of Health TECH Talks.  This opportunity provides TECHNATION members the opportunity to present their experts and expertise on the various topics.

TECHNATION Health Talks are by invitation only and Health Ministry leadership and their teams from across the country are invited to attend.

If you are interested in the presentation and/or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Elaine Huesing at

TECHNATION Health TECH Talks will cover some of the following areas:

  • Swarm/edge/quantum/cloud computing
  • Consumer generated data (and its relationship to healthcare)
  • Ransomware attacks and cybersecurity
  • AI/Machine learning and synthetic data
  • Blockchain for healthcare:  Smart contracts, Digital record-keeping, Control and access to digital records

Past Health TECH Talks

AI in Healthcare – September 14, 2023

TECHNATION thanks Oracle Health and Accenture for their corporate citizenship in sponsoring the TECHNATION Health TECH Talk Series on Generative AI, ML, and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Industry experts provided valuable insights and knowledge on the revolutionary strides that are shaping the future on the utilization of Generative AI, ML and Cloud technology in the healthcare sector.  The presentations provided deeper knowledge to assist in adapting to this quickly changing landscape of leveraging data in new ways to navigate digital health enabled modes of care within your ecosystem.


Dr. Jigar Patel, a Senior Director in Healthcare Product Management

Dr. Patel excels in generating healthcare value, with a focus on ODA/OIC/OPA. He collaborates closely with product PMs to formulate, guide, and validate healthcare strategies, spearheads customer engagement, promotes solution adoption, and curates tailored external content.



Andrew Truscott, Global Health Technology Lead

Recognized globally as one of Accenture’s leading experts in solving the most complex technology problems and the planning of next-generation technology architecture.  He possesses extensive healthcare industry experience and a track record of launching and growing technology practices.  Experience includes full life-cycle system development and implementation, strategy and architecture development – coupled with a deep appreciation for the client operations.



Machine Learning to advance Health Systems – March 31, 2023

TECHNATION thanks Deloitte for their corporate citizenship in sponsoring and presenting our TECHNATION Health TECH Talk Series on AI/Machine learning and synthetic data.

Health TECH Talk discussed the evolving role of scenario planning, simulation modelling and the application of machine learning to advance evidence and data-based health system decision making. This topic further explored current and future trends in applying multi-dimensional models to anticipate impacts of interventions on operations.

Jason Garay, Partner and the Life Sciences and Healthcare and Government & Public Sector Industry Leader
Deloitte’s Omnia AI Practice

Prior to joining Deloitte, Jason was the Vice President of Analytics and Informatics at Cancer Care Ontario where he led the execution of collaborative initiatives to drive CCO’s first Data Strategy and inaugural Research Strategy. Jason also served as the Director of provincial Communicable Disease Control at Public Health Ontario where he led the development of provincial infectious disease surveillance and analytics. Jason’s expertise ranges across organization and provincial strategy development and implementation, partnership development and data and analytics transformation. Jason brings a deep understanding of Canada’s digital health and data landscape having worked across every level of the health care system, from hospital and local service providers to provincial agencies and the federal government supporting data management, governance, strategy and advanced analytics. An established healthcare and analytics executive and epidemiologist by background, Jason also holds a faculty appointment at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.


Cyber Security and Ransom Ware – March 24, 2022

TECHNATION thanks IBM and Microsoft for their corporate citizenship in sponsoring and presenting our Inaugural TECHNATION Health TECH Talk Series on Cyber Security and Ransom Ware.




In response to the ever-increasing reports of attacks on hospitals and healthcare systems around the world and within Canada, this TECH Talk, provided a deep dive on the timely topic of Cyber Security and Ransom Ware.

Microsoft and IBM industry technology experts provided further knowledge for Ministry leaders to help their jurisdictions to adapt to this changing threat landscape, better work to leverage data in new ways so that their organizations can develop safe and secure digital health enabled modes of care.


James Ringold, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft
James provided a brief threat overview and focused a deeper dive into foundations for a defensive strategy – including Zero Trust, Threat Protection and Cloud Security




Dan Taylor, IBM Global Healthcare & Life-sciences Industry Lead
Dan provided an overview of his international experience protecting client data and ensuring patient services as the Director of Security & CISO of the NHS Digital Health Service in UK and a deeper dive into Zero Trust architecture and how it supports digital trust with clients, operators and Boards.