Event Series

Working with provincial jurisdictions across Canada, we provide business value through the tech community.

TECHNATION creates and supports industry events that deliver education, networking, and development of partnerships within the industry and with government at the provincial level. Building relationships, learning from others, and discussing issues are what our events are all about.

Enabling Digital Government for Everyone (EDGE)

Technology has emerged as a critical business capability, and most public sector organizations now understand they need to build technology into their business strategy. However, they often struggle to communicate the value of tech to the business and deploy technology in a way that the full scope of potential benefits can be captured.

TECHNATION has introduced a new webinar series – Enabling Digital Government for Everyone (EDGE) – focused on thought leadership and practical approaches to help governments with the ‘HOW’ of successfully adopting and deploying enabling technology. Our vision for EDGE is to facilitate more frequent dialogue between government and industry to effect change and ultimately deliver better digital services to everyone.

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Federal Executive Briefings

TECHNATION hosts several executive briefings with Federal Ministers and senior leaders within the Government of Canada to address ways the Canadian tech sector and government can work together to help government innovate, transform, and modernize.

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