We are dedicated to advancing technology across the federal sector in Canada.

Federal Public Sector Business Committees (PSBC)

Our Federal Public Sector Business Committee brings together senior corporate business leaders whose companies focus on sales to government. The committee meets monthly to monitor, assess, and advise on procurement policies and practices. Government officials are regular participants of the meetings and on developments with tech procurement initiatives. The committee has councils for large transformational projects, professional services, government relations, telecom, and terms and conditions. These councils consist of interested members and are responsible for reviewing issues and presenting recommendations to government. Contact: Michele Lajeunesse

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee (PPAC)

Helps guide TECHNATION in bringing its advocacy messaging to the Government of Canada and other jurisdictions regarding issues standing in the way of advancing the digital economy in Canada. From data strategies, privacy, tax policies, and legal frameworks, the PPAC helps develop TECHNATION’s positioning to influence government decision-making. Contact: Shae McGlynn

Legal Working Group

A sub-committee of the PPAC, led by a member chair. The group meets on an ad hoc basis to assist TECHNATION in developing positions / responses to government consultations on privacy, tax reform, data strategies from a legal lens. Contact: Shae McGlynn

Federal Value of Procurement Modernization Working Group

The Federal Value of Procurement Working Group updates, consults with and advises the TECHNATION Government Relations & Policy (GR&P) team with recommendations for modernizing the approach to government procurement to both achieve needed policy direction, ensure equitable opportunity for all companies, and deliver value for Canadians. Contact: Michele Lajeunesse

Cloud Working Group

Comprised of interested members who are responsible for developing and presenting recommendations to Government on the challenges facing both government and industry in the adoption of cloud. The working group may assist in drafting policy and guidance with regards to Cloud and how it can enable digital transformation initiatives. Contact: Michael Dugeri

Intelligent Automation Working Group

Informs public and private sectors about how adopting AI and related technologies can improve productivity and enable Canada to become more competitive in the global AI landscape. The team will develop a policy paper, events, and advocacy engagements to promote AI adoption in Canada. Contact: Michael Dugeri

Cyber Security Leadership Committee

Responsible for steering the Cyber Security Forum’s overall direction including policy, activities, and direction. Contact: Michael Dugeri