WHAT IF the answer to our economic recovery was this easy? We’re proving it can be. Delivering a WIN-WIN for all Canadians.

Canada is facing ‘mission critical’ times to drive economic recovery for all Canadians – especially Canadian tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

As we enter the second wave of the pandemic, and the economic impact continues to plague our tech sector – this MUST ATTEND event on Thursday, November 19th will feature industry experts, tech SMEs and government leaders, detailing concrete actions that are in motion. 

This virtual event will be kicked-off by TECHNATION President and CEO, Angela Mondou, and Paul Glover, President, Shared Services Canada.

Opening Remarks will be provided by The Honourable Joyce Murray, Minister for Digital Government.

Procurement Modernization in Action Transforming the GOVTech RFP to Agile and Challenge-based Procurement

  • Stéphane Cousineau, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services, Shared Services Canada
  • Arianne Reza, Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement for Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • MODERATOR: Lucille De Haitre, Director, Public Sector, Lenovo Canada

Showcasing Canadian Innovation – How a recent GOV Procurement is driving much needed transformation

  • Guylaine Carrière, Director, Centre of Expertise in Agile & Innovative Procurement, Shared Services Canada
  • Keith Jansa, Executive Director, CIO Strategy Council
  • MODERATOR: Michele Lajeuness, Senior VP, GR & Policy, TECHNATION

Big Biz Supply Chain – Helping Canadian SMEs Scale to High Growth. 

  • Lisa Carroll, Canadian Public Sector Lead, Microsoft Canada  
  • Marc Campbell, Senior Vice-President, CGI
  • Xerxes Cooper, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM Canada Ltd.
  • Duri Alajrami, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Moneris
  • MODERATOR: Vanmala Subramaniam, Reporter, The Logic

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1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST


Single Ticket Industry Attendee – Digital Marketplace Event $45.00

Single Ticket Government Attendee – Digital Marketplace Event $45.00

For bulk pricing, contact Charlotte Macaulay (cmacaulay@technationcanada.ca)

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