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TECHNATION serves organizations of all sizes in the Canadian tech industry by providing them with advocacy, networking, professional development, business development opportunities and other benefits and services that help them to thrive nationally and compete globally. Join hundreds of member companies who are taking advantage of TECHNATION’s member benefits today!

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Government & Digital Transformation

Act as the industry-government nexus for Canada’s ICT companies

Industry, Prosperity & Growth

Deliver programs that drive ‘access’ and create business opportunities for technology companies in Canada

Future Workforce Development

Drive national productivity and competitiveness through digital workforce readiness


Influence policy on behalf of members, focus advocacy efforts towards nationally accepted standards, and support the adoption of innovative health technologies


Collaborate with other national organizations to create and deliver programs that will engage our membership’s unique capabilities to enable digital transformation across all sectors in Canada

Thought Leadership

We are driving the adoption of digital transformation across Canada. Discover how we are paving the way for the future of Canada’s evolving economy through our #BackonTrack Podcast Series, research reports and annual reviews


The key benefits of membership include our advocacy, networking and professional development opportunities.

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Membership Types

Membership is open to all companies and organizations in Canada involved in information, communications and technology (ICT).

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Learn more about TECHNATION, our activities and member benefits.

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Our Members

TECHNATION members represent the best of Canada’s growing tech industry.

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