Are you ready for a cybersecurity hire?

Are you ready for a cybersecurity hire?

It’s often after a data breach, hack or ransomware attack that companies hire a cybersecurity expert. But a proactive approach is best, and now is a great time to think about whether you need someone on your team to keep your customer data safe and your digital footprint secure. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a cybersecurity expert.

Cybersecurity threats to Canadian business

Cybersecurity risks are one of the top 10 global risks identified by the World Economic Forum. Whether you’re storing client data on a server, selling products through e-commerce, creating and distributing digital content, or are otherwise accessing sensitive data, your company has a digital footprint that could be vulnerable to threats. 

Currently, the top five cybersecurity threats to Canadian business are:

  1. Phishing or emailed social engineering attacks: deceptive emails used to gather personal information
  2. Malware and ransomware: software designed to damage computers or servers, or to publish sensitive data, unless the victim pays a ransom 
  3. Exploitation of application and end-point vulnerabilities: an attacker attempts to breach weak spots in your digital security systems
  4. Cloud jacking: an attacker steals or hijacks an organization’s cloud account 
  5. Leaks of sensitive data or information by employees, whether intentional or unintentional

Even after dealing with an immediate threat, there can be significant tangible and intangible costs to your business. Your reputation within your industry or with customers may be damaged—and it could take years to recover. If sensitive information was released, you could lose a competitive advantage or intellectual property.

For tangible costs, your business may incur legal costs or may be required to pay damages resulting from a breach of contract or a lawsuit. You may also have to repair or replace software, systems or infrastructure. Your insurance premiums may also increase. 

When is it time to hire a resource with cybersecurity expertise?

The best time to bring a cybersecurity expert into your organization is before you have a problem. Anytime your business is growing is a good time to evaluate the need for a resource with cybersecurity skills. Growth often means you have more data to consider, increased opportunities for breaches and, in some cases, larger teams to support. 

You should certainly consider hiring a cybersecurity expert if you are:

  • expanding your web presence
  • launching a new product for sale online
  • capturing and storing more client data
  • expanding your business by using AI to drive product sales
  • reviewing in-house policies and procedures related to your brand, staff or clients

The COVID-19 pandemic also presents additional cybersecurity challenges. If your team is working from home for the foreseeable future, it is critical that each home network be secure and that staff access your office’s digital infrastructure safely. A cybersecurity expert can help you ensure all digital data remains secure. If you’re saving money on other overhead costs right now, like commercial rent, travel or other expenses, then that money may be wisely spent on a new hire to support cybersecurity.

How hybrid roles can work for you

Not every new or growing company can afford a full-time cybersecurity employee—and you might not even have enough work for a full-time role. In either case, a hybrid role can be a smart solution.

A hybrid role can benefit your company by meeting two distinct but essential needs: they can manage cybersecurity while supporting other areas of the business, such as product design, web development, operations or business analysis. Professionals like IT specialists, engineers, operations specialists, analysts, auditors and others with a tech background often have a diverse skill set.

When hiring for a hybrid role, it’s important that you identify key responsibilities in the job posting and ensure candidates have the skills and experience to serve both roles effectively.

Using CareerFinder to make the right hire

With a wide range of cybersecurity needs across Canadian businesses, it may be difficult for employers to know what to look for when they’re hiring a cybersecurity expert—and hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. CareerFinder can help you make the right hire the first time. 


Image alt description:
A screenshot of CareerFinder, showing a heatmap of Canada with real-time data from online job postings. 

This real-time dashboard tool provides all the labour market insights available for the cybersecurity industry. CareerFinder’s interactive heatmap includes real-time data from online job postings, so you can see what types of cybersecurity jobs other businesses are hiring for in your local market and across the country. You can also search by job title or skills, and filter for seniority level and education level. Our Cybersecurity Skills Framework can also help you narrow your focus before you dive into CareerFinder.


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A screenshot of CareerFinder, showing the number of openings for different cybersecurity jobs in Canada. 

For each role in CareerFinder, you’ll see the current number of openings in Canada for that job title, as well as median salary, market demand for the role and seniority level. You’ll also be able to view and download top skill trends required by employers, as well as skills that are emerging or declining for that role. Plus, you can search for specific skills—a great feature if you know what you need, but don’t know what role is associated with those skills. 


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A screenshot of CareerFinder, showing Supply Chain Security Analyst skills that are emerging and decreasing in Canada.

Once you do find a role that is similar to or exactly what you need, you can view and download a job description to help you craft your posting.


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A screenshot of a Word document for a Supply Chain Security Analyst job description.

The ultimate goal is to hire a cybersecurity specialist who understands potential threats to your business and where attacks are likely to occur. It’s their job to worry about your systems so you can get down to business with peace of mind.

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It’s often after a data breach, phishing or ransomware attack that companies hire a cybersecurity expert—but a proactive approach is always best to prevent cyberattacks in the first place. Find out how our new tool, CareerFinder, can help you hire the best cybersecurity expert for your business’s needs.

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