Informations et ressources pour l’employeur

Vous souhaitez recruter des talents débutants de premier niveau dotés d’une vision globale et des compétences que vous recherchez?

Les participants à ADaPT sont formés à l’analyse financière, à l’analyse des médias sociaux, à l’analyse et à la visualisation des données, à la conception de l’EU, à Microsoft Office, à la réflexion conceptuelle et plus encore.

Quels avantages les employeurs retirent-ils d’ADaPT et de l’apprentissage intégré au travail?

  • ADaPT met directement en relation les talents qualifiés et les occasions d’emploi de premier échelon des employeurs.
  • Entrez en contact avec des talents employables issus de divers niveaux de scolarité, y compris des programmes d’arts, de sciences sociales, de lettres et sciences humaines, de réflexion conceptuelle et d’affaires.
  • Subventions salariales potentielles du Programme de stages pratiques pour étudiants (PSPE) par le biais du programme Career Ready de TECHNATION.
  • Le programme ADaPT est financé par le gouvernement et ne coûte rien aux employeurs.

Pour en savoir plus sur le programme et vous rapprocher de vos besoins en matière d’embauche, veuillez nous contacter  à l’adresse suivante :


Entrez en contact avec ADaPT et faites un pas de plus vers la satisfaction de vos besoins en matière d’embauche. Il n’y a pas de frais pour embaucher un diplômé du programme ADaPT et nous mettrons en relation des talents qualifiés avec vos opportunités de niveau d’entrée pour faciliter le placement, gratuitement. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter à

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  • “As a small business, every employee is an invaluable asset and it’s always critical and challenging to find the right candidate. So far through all the recruitment channels, ADaPT has been the best at finding us professionals with shared values and passions for our business. The ADaPT team vigorously evaluates and recommends candidates whose skill sets fit our business’s needs and company culture. ADaPT has cultivated driven graduates with a wide range of skills and (especially) professionalism who learn really quickly and make an impact on our business. We are very fortunate to have been able to scale up our business with ADaPT’s talents.”
    — Barron Pan, Co-founder of Plantish
  • « We have been impressed with your program. It offers soft skills that are seldom if ever taught in a formalized learning environment and are usually a by-product of working in a professional environment. »
    — CEO GenXys
  • « … I also want to compliment you over these candidates and this program, they were well prepared and had a great positive attitude. They were also positive about the program itself (and the curriculum sounded valuable to me) so compliments to your team. »
    — Steven Pilz, CEO Alethea Medical
  • « We have worked with the ADaPT program. Their interest in our hiring plans and responsiveness makes ADaPT a definite part of our hiring process. One member of our team was hired as a direct result of the ADaPT team making a solid recommendation for the position we were hiring for. Their understanding of our needs and the students’ skills and interests made this possible. The caliber of many of the candidates is excellent and they all seem very motivated, likely underscoring their participation in the ADaPT program. Many of these ADaPT participants have prior work experience which is also very helpful. »
    — Daniel Giroux, Partner, Igniter Tickets
  • « The ADaPT program with TMU really supports their students and professionals by providing access to valuable info-sessions and experiences. I have been a part of ADaPTs info-session program and it is a pleasure to speak to the students on important topics they will encounter on their professional journey. The students are engaging and the energy is always high, and being able to share my knowledge and experience with eager young professionals is an honour. »
    — Natalia Kolis, People and Culture Manager, StickerYou
  • « Thanks to the ADaPT program, we have been able to introduce a niche industry to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to gain such exposure. Our participation to speak regularly with students has allowed us to share our unique perspective, experiences, and knowledge with ambitious students who are eager to get started in their careers. ADaPT has provided a platform for them to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical industry insights. Through ADaPT, LoKnow has introduced many students to our niche industry, ultimately leading to the successful job shadowing with several students and the recruitment of an exceptional student who demonstrated strong enthusiasm and alignment with our company values. »
    — Anna Michele, CPHR (she/her), VP – People & Brand, LoKnow Company Inc.