Canada needs an aggressive and comprehensive tech strategy to position our nation as a leader in today’s digital and data-driven global economy

Ottawa, ON (March 21, 2022) –TECHNATION, Canada’s national technology industry association, along with leading-edge tech leaders from across Canada, is hosting its annual Hill Days this week to advance the industry’s forward-looking roadmap with the federal government.  In October 2021, TECHNATION released its Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector with clear recommendations for key government officials including technology adoption, skills and talent development, public sector digital transformation, and cybersecurity.

Throughout the week, TECHNATION will meet with Ministers, Members of Parliament, and top departmental officials, focusing on three key areas:

  • Shaping Canada’s Digital and Data-Driven Economy: It’s time for the federal government to aggressively target the growth of Canada’s digital and data-driven economy through a clear, integrative national strategy. This means developing a coherent approach that combines Canada’s digital transformation agenda with an economic development agenda – fueled by Canada’s innovative technology businesses that are creating the jobs of today, and tomorrow.
  • Equipping and Building the Capacity for our Digital Nation: Digital technologies have become essential to our way of life, but adoption also brings threats. The need for cyber security measures – for government, businesses, and individuals alike – is an absolute necessity. The federal government must focus on: strengthening cybersecurity for critical sectors of our economy, urgently addressing cyber talent shortages, and significantly enhancing federal investments to secure our critical infrastructure, and government enterprises.
  • Accelerating Canada’s Technology Adoption – Lead by Example: The government must bring Canada’s tech adoption rate to par with our global counterparts: A clearly defined national digital strategy is non-negotiable. Canada’s tech sector is home to world-leading technologies and innovations that can provide the backbone to a modern, nimble, productive, and efficient public service. The federal government must set the tone and the standard for other levels of government, organizations, and businesses across Canada.

TECHNATION looks forward to presenting its ideas and recommendations to political leaders and departmental officials across the Government of Canada throughout the week. Follow our “Hill Days” social posts – #TechHillDays2022 – on LinkedIn and Twitter.



“The pandemic showed Canada needs a digitally enabled government, and ‘Go Global or Go Home’ must be Canada’s digital government mandate,” said Angela Mondou, President & CEO of TECHNATION. “Using readily accessible public sector resources, Canada has the opportunity to build a world class digital government, improve citizen access and experience with government services, and support the growth of our tech sector simultaneously. Canada’s federal government needs to make cyber security a priority and accelerate its efforts to combat malicious cyber campaigns. This is mission-critical for securing Canada’s digital future.”

“Canada already has the right ingredients to regain its status as a global innovation and tech leader including amongst the world’s most highly educated workforces, and a growing number of domestic firms delivering trailblazing technological innovations,” added Mike Hilton, President, HPE Canada. “With the right strategy and the right mix of support from governments – Canada’s digital economy can be a true success story and a global force long-term.”

“Federal mandate letters and the most recent federal budget heighten the government’s focus on key initiatives like transforming public sector service delivery and supporting tech adoption nationwide,” added John Cousens, Managing Director, Public Sector Canada at Google Cloud. “Maximizing digital adoption will require collaboration between the technology industry and the public sector to make this ambitious goal a reality. We look forward to this week’s discussions with key government officials about how to bring major change and build our digital nation for the future.”


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