Moving Towards an Integrated Health Data Ecosystem: Ontario Health Data Council Releases Report

November 4, 2022

Moving towards an integrated health data ecosystem: Ontario Health Data Council releases report

Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones, met with the Ontario Health Data Council (OHDC) yesterday to discuss how the government can use data to create a more integrated health care system.

The Ontario Health Data Council (OHDC) has shared their report, submitted in October, with the Ministry of Health, which will help the government continue leveraging data to support more connected and convenient care across the province. As Ontario continues to implement new strategic initiatives as part of its Digital First for Health strategy, the recommendations within this report will ensure health data can be used across the health care system to improve conditions for both patients and providers.

The report finds that Ontario is moving towards a health system equipped with investments in data and digital capabilities. The Council’s strategic recommendations include strengthening health data to advance health and equity outcomes, establishing system-level governance for health data as a public good, respecting and supporting Indigenous Data Sovereignty, and building data stewardship capacity to enhance data sharing.

The Council is made up of 15 health system experts and health data champions with expertise spanning medicine, health policy, data governance, privacy, health equity and research.

The Ministry of Health is reviewing the recommendations in the report. The ministry is committed to ensuring data can be used to improve health outcomes while safeguarding patient privacy and respecting the data sovereignty of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. This work builds on progress in understanding Ontarians’ experiences and perspectives on health data through Dialogue on Data discussions.

“This report outlines a vision for how data can be used in Ontario to support connected and more convenient care,” said Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “Its recommendations will help inform government policy and break down barriers in people’s health care here in Ontario. I thank the Council for their report and look forward to our continued work together in the future.”

Read the Ontario Health Data Council’s Report