21,000+ tech jobs are up for grabs in Ontario and some pay up to $174k

The tech industry is booming in Ontario, so if you’re considering leaving your field, there are thousands of openings in this province alone. Some positions don’t even need a university degree to get started. 

There are 21,137 job openings in the province with salaries that range from $35,600 up to $174,300 on Technation Career Finder. 

While tech jobs may be intimidating, a career as a developer and programmer, IT project manager, business analyst, cloud architect, network engineer, security analyst/architect, quality assurance analyst, and business system analyst do not even require you to rack up any student debt. 

Hundreds of entry-level jobs could even lead you to make six figures. 

Out of the jobs available in the province, over 11,000 are located in Toronto, but many others are scattered across other cities like Ottawa, Hamilton, and even Thunder Bay.

If you’re interested, visit Career Finder for this lengthy list of opportunities like cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Hybrid tech roles are also available. 

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive – Aug 10 2022