Guidelines on In-Kind Contributions

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The In-Kind Contribution Report is intended for organizations and/or individuals that have participated in an activity related to the Government of Canada Employment Skills Development Canada (ESDC) funded TECHNATION-led initiatives. Reporting on in-kind contributions is important as it shows that ESDC funds are matched by substantial investments from TECHNATION partners. In-kind contributions represent the value added to the financial support received from ESDC.

Submit Your Contribution

To submit your contribution, fill out this form completely. If you have any questions, please contact your TECHNATION program representative or email


An in-kind contribution is any item or service that is donated to the program without an exchange of cash. If the item or service was not donated, it would have to be purchased. The representation of in-kind contributions is a financial proxy that is budgeted, monitored, accounted, and reported with the same rigor as cash.

Time Contributions

The contribution of all individuals involved, including assistants, in an activity and its preparation ranges from the following:

Preparation prior to the activity, meeting and/or event

  • Training
  • Preparatory activities or for meetings
  • Administration and logistics
  • Conference calls
  • Review of materials
  • Completing reports and this form

Travel to and from the destination of the activity or the event

Time spent at conference, workshop, meeting, or taking part in survey etc.

Focus Groups
Time spent participating for the focus group

Time spent preparing for and participating in interviews

Examples of Other Contributions

Donations can include volunteer services, equipment (telephone services, computers, and office equipment), and the use of office space or facilities, tools, books, and publications. Program-related events, objects or services are also considered in-kind contributions.

Who Can Make In-kind Contributions?

Individuals, groups, and organizations that contribute to the project and participate in the program can make in-kind contributions. Only donations from Canadian sources are included as in-kind contributions.

Valuing In-Kind Contributions

To relieve the burden of ascertaining individual salaries we established standard market rates for different positions to give a value to the work performed. The positions of individuals who have contributed their time need only be coded and the value of contribution will be calculated accordingly by TECHNATION.

Whenever possible, actual costs are used to value in-kind contributions. If the actual cost is not available, market equivalent rates are used. Services are monetized at reasonable market values for the type of work involved.

Thank you for your generous support of our TECHNATION initiatives.