CareerFinder: 10 High-Demand Technology Jobs in Canada

When searching for a job, labour market information can help you understand which careers match up with your skills and experience. Plus, this information can show you what other opportunities a certain position could lead to.

TECHNATION’s CareerFinder Job Title Heatmap and Job Availability Heatmap, developed in collaboration with SkyHive, shows real-time labour market information for careers in IT, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other tech-related roles.

“We’re living in a time now where data is more accessible than ever,” says Serge Bukharov, chief solutions officer at SkyHive. “A lot of traditional approaches to planning out a career or identifying opportunities in the market can be enhanced with this new technological capability that organizations like SkyHive and TECHNATION are bringing to the table.”

Why Labour Market Information Matters

The Job Availability Heatmap shows in-demand tech jobs, their salary range and which Canadian city they’re based in. The Job Title Heatmap provides a deeper level of detail for each position, including what skills are emerging, declining, or constant for that role, alongside a sample job description. Job seekers can use these tools in tandem to find available jobs that match not only their salary expectations and location requirements, but also their skills and training. This information is useful to help plan your career and identifying which skills you need to further develop in order to land your dream job.

By using the information from the platform, [job seekers] can ensure the skills they are acquiring and the training that they are taking is aligned with the skills that are becoming more and more prevalent, relevant and future-facing in the market,” Bukharov says.

CareerFinder pulls data in real time from job boards, aggregators, professional profile networks, training providers, educational institutions, government data and other public data sources. The data is collected in the form of job descriptions, resumés, CVs, training outlines, and course descriptions and then processed at a granular level through SkyHive’s Quantum Labor Analysis, the cutting-edge underlying technology CareerFinder uses.

Real-time data is important, so that you don’t make career decisions based on months- or even years-old data. With increased digitization and automation in the workforce, roles, skills, and requirements for positions are changing faster than ever before, so the information people use to make decisions about jobs needs to remain up to date, Bukharov says.

10 Tech Jobs Most In Demand

Looking at the CareerFinder Job Availability Heatmap tool, we can see the most in-demand tech jobs in Canada. The top 10 jobs with the most openings are all entry-level jobs, showing there are plenty of opportunities for people who don’t have years of tech experience on their resumé yet.

For somebody planning out their career and the path they want to take, I recommend looking at each of these roles and how it can transition into other, more senior, positions,” Bukharov says.

He also notes that the median salary of in-demand jobs has a wide range—from $32,900 to $84,700—so job seekers should keep their salary expectations in mind when searching for a position that’s a good match.

Below are the top 10 tech jobs in Canada, based on CareerFinder’s Job Availability Heatmap and current to the time of posting. To download full job descriptions for each position to see how your skills align, go to CareerFinder’s Job Title Heatmap.

Tech Sales and Customer Service

  • Number of job openings: 19,441
  • Median salary: $32,900

Working in tech sales and customer service, you will manage inventory and maintain relationships with existing customers. Highly organized people with top-notch people skills—for building relationships with clients and to communicate clearly with other staff—will best suit this position.

Software Engineer

  • Number of job openings: 16,193
  • Median salary: $81,200

As a software engineer, you will be responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting applications software, ensuring that it is on time and within budget. You will be involved in strategic planning around the development of applications as well as web and mobile environments. This position requires technical skills such as certain programming languages and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Full-Stack Developer

  • Number of job openings: 6,413
  • Median salary: $82,700

Knowing both front and back-end development technologies, a full-stack developer will work closely with other staff and clients. You almost need to know it all in this role, which is why self-motivated people who are ready to learn the newest technologies will make the best candidates.

Product Manager

  • Number of job openings: 4,711
  • Median salary: $81,600

With a knack for influencing others, a product manager works closely with teams across the company and with external business leaders, subject matter experts and others to follow through with projects and programs. Since you will oversee analysts and product specialists and work with internal groups, you will use and develop your general management skills.

Digital Marketing/Communications

  • Number of job openings: 3,795
  • Median salary: $53,100

Digital marketing and communications professionals deliver a company’s brand story to the rest of the world and support overall business growth. They do this by building an online presence through social media and websites and by tracking performance to improve results. In this role, you will need to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and think creatively to apply what you learn to your company’s needs.

Data Analyst

  • Number of job openings: 3,529
  • Median salary: $68,300

As a data analyst, you will help your company make decisions based on the data you collect and analyze. An eye for detail is a must. Communications skills are also necessary, as you will work closely with others at the organization.

Front-End Developer

  • Number of job openings: 3,164
  • Median salary: $76,300

Working in a collaborative environment, a front-end developer will create client-side web solutions for a seamless online experience. This role requires a thorough understanding of programming and testing concepts, along with design patterns.


  • Number of job openings: 3,055
  • Median salary: $84,700

Developers create computer software. In this role, you will work with many other teams within the organization and will often mentor junior-level developers.

Graphic and Animation Design

  • Number of job openings: 3,054
  • Median salary: $40,800

One of the more visually creative jobs in the tech world, a graphic and animation design specialist gives a creative flair to the organization, and will typically assist with marketing. But it’s not all arts and crafts—in this position, you will need to have strong project management skills to balance your time so that you can take a project from the concept stage to the finished product.

User Experience Designer

  • Number of job openings: 2,752
  • Median salary: $62,600

Interacting with people from across the organization, user experience (UX) designers require excellent communications skills. UX designers are creative and strategic thinkers who work to understand the needs of the user. They need to take feedback, research findings and organization requirements and translate it into innovative web solutions.

Whether you’re upskilling or on the hunt for a new job, TECHNATION’s CareerFinder has the information you need to plan your future in tech.