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This Digital Marketplace event includes keynote speakers, three panel discussions, a speed networking session, and an innovation trade show. DETAILS ABOUT EACH, BELOW.

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Canada is facing ‘mission critical’ times to drive economic recovery for all Canadians – especially Canadian tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Starting with a launch event on November 19, 2020 (video recap) which addressed TECH and GOV driving Canada’s prosperity, we are now hosting a second event in the series to demonstrate the power of B2B and B2Gov to drive Canada’s economic recovery on February 25, 2021.

The Digital Marketplace is a must-attend event for Canadian tech SMEs, large enterprise and all levels of government. 

B2B & B2Gov benefits:

  • SMEs and Large Enterprise: How to partner to leverage business opportunity.
  • SME and Scale-Ups showcase innovation to large enterprise and government.
  • Large enterprise – access innovation and solutions for today’s challenges.
  • B2Gov – Update on SSC Agile procurement & Scale Up initiative.
  • Case studies and models of successful b2b and b2gov challenges and joint ventures.
  • Expo showcase of technology innovators of all sizes and types.




PANEL #1 – Partnering with Large Companies: Accelerating business through SME innovation

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are the lifeblood of Canada’s economy; they are essential to generating good jobs in our nation. But to help them leverage their potential, large corporations must get involved. Having a large corporation as a customer opens doors to easier credit and other business opportunities.

The small-business sector is ripe for innovation and growth. Linking it to large corporation’s supply chain can be win-win for everyone. This includes SMEs, corporations – and the government looking to SMEs for cutting edge solutions.

Join us for a compelling session where senior corporate executives will share information on their partnership and alliance programs and connect the dots on how SMEs can leverage their relevant tech solutions and services to access win-win opportunities for business success.

PANEL #2 – Unlocking Access for Canadian SMEs and Scale-ups

A practical conversation with three of Canada’s Digital Marketplace Community Partners who will share ideas on how SMEs in their respective communities can leverage the Digital Marketplace. Our expert panelists will provide insights into additional programs, funding, and resources available to help your business prosper in a post-pandemic climate and will outline specific supports designed to unlock access for women/minority-owned and led businesses.

Join us for this hands-on discussion to learn how to maximize tools and resources to grow and scale both nationally and globally.

PANEL #3 An Inclusive Supply Chain: Advancing Equality of Opportunity to Small Business

Supplier diversity is not only about “doing the right thing”. Striving for an inclusive supply chain can help organizations drive business value and by including diverse suppliers in sourcing processes, organizations gain access to competitive offerings, greater innovation, and culturally diverse business interactions. This, in turn, positions organizations well to meet the needs of its clients and/or citizens.

Shared Services Canada (SSC) has collaborated with TECHNATION to pilot agile procurement that leverages TECHNATION’s unique industry digital marketplace (Canada’s Digital Marketplace, powered by TECHNATION). A new initiative within the collaboration called ScaleUp is seeking to address SSC’s lack of an effective vehicle to advance procurement with under-represented groups (URG).

Speaking to the objective of ScaleUp, its planned outcomes, and the importance of this initiative, this panel will include representation from SSC’s Centre of Expertise in Agile and Innovative Procurement, the BC Government, and the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise (OSME).

Speed NetworkingWe will be setting up the ability for SMEs to book a private 1:1 chat session with one of 10 large enterprise members to pitch their product or service.  Virtual networking to explore collaboration. 

Innovation Showcase BoothLike a live trade show, we will be creating an expo area to allow companies to showcase innovation from across Canada.  Each booth can showcase a short corporate video, recording of a short presentation (person recorded presenting a PPT deck) or can have a live person ready to chat within the booth.

Contact Charlotte Macaulay cmacaulay@technationcanada.ca for booth pricing and availability or click here for booth details

Attendees will be encouraged to arrive early and visit the Innovation Showcase area area and at key points throughout the virtual event.


Digital Reality: Change is the New Normal

Most organizations are well on the road toward constructing a digital transformation. According to McKinsey & Company, a shocking 70% of digital transformation efforts fail to achieve their goals.

Join Red Hat’s Todd Wilson and IBM’s Athavan Thulakanathan for a discussion on Digital Transformation lessons learned, as public servants grapple with an exponentially accelerating rate of change while meeting the citizens’ expectations.

Check out this video clip and our testimonials from our inaugural Digital Marketplace Series event #DM2020, held in November 2020, to hear what our panelists, speakers, and participants from government and industry have to say!

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1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST

A must-attend event for tech SMEs, large enterprises and all levels of government!

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