Tickit Health interfaces Digital Empathy Platform with Cerner EHR

Integrated workflow allows Sydney Children’s Hospital to collect and access sensitive patient information

October 18, 2021 – Vancouver, BC –– Tickit Health, a global provider of person reported data collection solutions based on Digital Empathy, is pleased to announce that it has interfaced its platform with the Cerner Electronic Health Record at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network in Sydney, Australia.  The hospital network cares for thousands of children each year to help young people live their healthiest lives, and have been using Tickit since 2017.

In addition to being used in the emergency room, the Tickit solution is used by adolescent medicine clinics as a trusted self-reported data tool to capture a holistic health profile and other screening measures. The patient-reported data supports providers in triaging, assessing risk and protective factors as well as in direct clinical care management.  The solution is based on the HEADSS (Home, Education, Activities, Drugs, Sex, Suicide) assessment, a psychosocial screening tool recommended by pediatric organizations to address risky behaviours.

The newly integrated workflow now supports Sydney Children’s efforts to simplify data management by automatically including assessment results and reports in the EHR.   Clinicians can now make even faster and better-informed decisions than when Tickit data was externally available to the patient’s record, as the patient-reported data can now be seen in the whole context of the patient’s medical record helping them continue to provide world class paediatric healthcare.

“Patients, in this case children and youth in emergency departments, who are often in crisis, will continue to have a means to share personal information in a non-judgemental way, but with even greater efficiency for the clinicians” said Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, CEO and CMO, Tickit Health. “Helping the front-line care givers collect data that is accurate, honest, and complete using Digital Empathy supports Sydney Children’s mission to provide better care while supporting clinician workflows.”

The five-month integration project involved reviewing workflows with all stakeholders, feasibility testing with IT, and adding fields and alerts in the Cerner data architecture.  Deployment begins in October with training provided by hospital staff working with stakeholders to develop workflows to administer and review HEADSS assessments in Cerner’s comprehensive electronic health record platform for clinical transactions.

Using Tickit’s inclusive digital solutions help improve data quality, response completion rates, efficiency, and satisfaction while decreasing risks of missing information through surveys, assessments, and educational tools. This is yet another example of how healthcare organizations can integrate Tickit’s powerful, Digitally Empathetic assessment tools that are culturally and audience sensitive into the routine workflows of their teams.  Patient-reported data integrated into the patient’s chart adds significant operational efficiency to using that data for care.  Better access to a patient’s personal information, and more fulsome data access for providers enables access to better data that adapts with a clinician’s workflows.

About Tickit Health, Ltd
Tickit Health is a privately-held company focused on enhancing the communication between patients, students, schools and providers. The organization’s award-winning flagship solution, known as Tickit, captures data directly from–and communicates with–heterogenous and hard to reach populations. Unlike traditional survey and assessment methods, Tickit is based on the science and psychology of Digital Empathy which is proven to improve organizational efficiency, enabling better decision making through increased response rates and quality of data. The company’s more than 50 evidence-based and validated assessments, surveys, and questionnaires are used by over 500 organizations including healthcare, education, and social services. For more information on the company, visit www.tickithealth.com, follow us on Twitter @TickitHealth or LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tickithealth

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