TECHNATION’s Career Ready Team Launches eLearning Hub for Canadian Employers

The Career Ready team recently launched the new Employer Ready Learning Management System (LMS) platform, which is accessible to all employers across Canada, regardless of sector. It provides employers with relevant eLearning modules, tools and resources to support their business and become better leaders, mentors and trainers to work-integrated-learning (WIL) students – as well as their current employees.

The platform is focused on accelerating onboarding for WIL-program participants and providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based training. The first module, developed by Canadian subject matter experts and leading course designers, focuses on Remote Onboarding, and shares scenarios and best practices in a short 15-minute bite-sized module.

As an added benefit to employers, checklists and tools are available for download, providing practical takeaways for those engaging with the platform. The platform has also integrated badging and certification features that can be showcased on social media channels or personal profile pages.

New modules will be released monthly and will include the following topics: Performance Measurements, IT Recruiting, Inclusive Hiring Practices, Managing & Coaching and Networking & Collaboration.

With a robust platform and with continuous engagement with employer stakeholders and subject matter experts, the Employer Ready LMS is positioned to expand into a leading educational hub to support the digitization of Canada’s economy.

You can access Employer Ready LMS here.

Please contact Heather McGilvary, Senior Program Manager in the Career Ready team for ways to engage and involve your business or organization in this innovative, accessible, and inclusive platform.