Mohawk launches 2021-2022 Interactive Visit Program for Canadian Health IT companies

Interactive Visits – MEDIC

The program connects small and medium-sized health IT companies with digital health solution architects and designers.

Mohawk’s award-winning mHealth and eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) has launched the Interactive Visit Program, a new applied research service for Canadian companies that are in the planning stages for launching new digital health apps.

The Interactive Visit Program is a flat-fee program that provides companies with 20 hours of applied research support from MEDIC – from helping refine a  software development strategy to co-designing a roadmap for implementation.

For clients of NRC IRAP, the $2,500 fee for the applied research support is waived upon payment of a $250 admin fee.

MEDIC is a national Technology Access Centre (TAC) in Digital Health. Technology Access Centres (TAC) are specialized applied R&D centres that are affiliated with a Canadian college. As a TAC, MEDIC helps companies to develop new applications or integrate their products with existing systems in the digital health space.


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