From “To-Do” to “Done”: 10 Projects a Career Ready Student can help complete for your company

As a leader or manager, you likely have a lot on your plate along with a list of wishful to-dos, and not nearly enough time to get it all done. You’re not alone if you have projects or initiatives that seem to stay on that to-do list, always getting bumped to the next week, and then the next, because there are fires to put out or more pressing priorities.  

Delegating is key to keeping tasks moving forward, but if everyone on the team already has a full plate, or you need to bring in someone with the right skills for the work, a cost-effective solution can be hiring a student intern. 

Hiring a work placement student will not only help you get backburner projects moving, it’s also more affordable when you hire through the Career Ready Program, which offers a wage subsidy of up to 70 per cent for tech companies and tech-immersive roles.  

It’s a mutually beneficial option, as students gain valuable experience and are paid for their work, and it allows both your company and the student to test the waters of working together – so you’ll know if the fit is right should a full-time employment opportunity open up down the line. 

Here are 10 projects you might have on your ever-evolving to-do list that students can move from to-do to done. 

  1. Implementing or Upgrading eCommerce

If you need to launch eCommerce on your website, or your online store needs updating after being launched at the beginning of the pandemic, hiring a student can help you get it done in a matter of weeks. Web designers who understand eCommerce and digital marketing can ensure your e-store is well-organized, optimized, attractive and user-friendly for both customers and your team.  

  1. 2. Testing New Security Software

If your company is looking for support to test new cybersecurity software, engineering and computer science students can be a great resource. Unencumbered by the demands of the day-to-day operations of your company, students have the time and focus necessary to put new software to the test.  

  1. 3. UX Testing

Let your developers focus on what they do best by bringing in students to manage UX testing of new products. An outsider’s view is always helpful when it comes to UX, and students can easily manage this sort of project. Plus, students today are so well-versed in tech that they can often immediately see UX problems others might have missed. 

  1. 4. Short-term Project Management

Do you have a short-term project coming up but no one in-house with the time to properly manage it? Hire a project management student to steer a project or two that can be completed within four months. It provides empowering work experience while allowing your employees to focus on what they do best day-to-day. Most importantly, everyone will stay accountable, and your project won’t be delayed like it could be if you added it to an employee’s existing responsibilities. 

  1. 5. Data Mining

Does your business have a lot of great data, but not a lot of time to analyze it? Or do you have a project on the horizon that requires short-term data mining and analysis support? If your business needs someone to mine data to spot trends or problems, hiring a data science student could be the ideal solution. Data science students are a great resource for expanding your data mining capabilities in the short-term, and it can also be a great way to trial potential future hires. 

  1. 6. Web Design

Whether trying to attract customers, clients, investors or donors, every business or non-profit organization needs an optimized, user-friendly and great-looking website. If your website looks dated, is missing key pages or features expected in your sector, or needs upgrades for seamless integration with your other systems, hiring a student web designer can get this project off your to-do list quickly and affordably. 

  1. Database Development and Management

Does your organization have a lot of data to manage, but not a lot of time to upgrade old systems? Whether you’re a non-profit organization that needs a new system for managing members or donors, or an established company using a legacy database that isn’t meeting your business needs, a student is a great resource for implementing a new database system that’s agile and user-friendly on the front and back ends. 

  1. 8. Creating a Digital Marketing Campaign

Looking to up your digital marketing game? Or want to build a smart, effective social media campaign? A student could be the key to moving this goal forward sooner rather than later. Digital marketing students understand how to build strategies that support various business goals, and they’re pros at spotting and making the most of opportunities online and through social media. Plus, as an outsider, they will often bring a fresh perspective to your marketing strategy and point out something your internal team may have missed. 

  1. 9. Completing a Social Media Audit

Social media goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing and communications. Do you have the feeling your social media could be doing more for your company? Hiring a digital marketing student to perform a social media audit and build a strategy can quickly help you meet your business goals – whether it’s growing your presence, selling more of your product, or a combination of the two.   

  1. 10. Content Creation

All companies need to communicate messages to clients, investors and others, either through their website, blogs, videos, apps or other platforms. Students can help support – or even drive – content production when you need it. Marketing and communications students are a great resource for building copy decks, blogs and other writing, while videography students can be tapped to produce engaging videos for your app, website or social media platforms. 

Want to know more? Learn about eligibility criteria, how to apply and more on our Career Ready Program page. 

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