Women on Boards

More women need to be in executive boardrooms for the tech industry to advance.

The imbalance of women serving on Boards of Directors of Canada’s corporations continues to persist despite significant evidence that diverse boards are better boards, diverse boards deliver superior financial returns, and most of the country’s securities regulators have instituted ‘comply or explain’ regulations to begin to redress this disparity.

We have long encouraged all TSX-listed ICT companies to set 30% targets for women on boards and establish written policies to increase the representation of women on boards. We are also working to develop and recommend measures and initiatives to raise awareness and increase diversity for our members, partners and stakeholders. We also:

  • Publicly support organizations promoting diversity options
  • Analyze TECHNATION and TSX Technology companies for diversity compliance status
  • Create a diversity registry of board-ready women
  • Organize training and recruitment events
  • Undertake or commission original diversity research

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Women on Boards Registry